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February 23, 2020

Learning the origins of board games, illusions, journey, and math

board games book
We love playing board games and have a few family favourites. As children, we have played lots of different board games from monopoly to mancala, and made sure to introduce our children to board games at a very young age. A few years ago, we made a wooden convertible storage cart just to keep our games. We believe most board games are a wonderful way to socialize and connect, and they have become part of our lifestyle. Over the past decade, we have documented a few board games on CreateWithMom. When we saw the Board Games in 100 Moves by Ian Livingstone, we were curious to discover different board games and their origins. 

August 8, 2014

Making Math Fun Boutique

The DK Making Math Fun Boutique has awesome books that will help our children to learn math in a fun way. Books such as the Multiplication Made Fun and Amazing Visual Math, Help Your Kids with Math, Math Made Easy 10 Minutes a day, How to be a Math Genius are books that my children and I use in a regular basis, and we find it very useful.