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February 22, 2014

Styling our Hair

hair styling waterfall twist
Having the same hairstyle everyday can get boring, so it is fun to change it up with lots of fun hairstyles. My daughter and I enjoyed doing a few of the hair-dos following the instructions in this Braid, Buns, and Twists book by Christina Butcher. The styles in the book are separated into ponytails, braids, bouffants, and buns knots and twists. 

February 17, 2014

Tracking Our Weight with Conair

This Solid Teak Digital Weight Watchers Scale by Conair is functional and looks fabulous in the bathroom. I like that the scale is made with sustainably harvested solid teak, which adds a stylish, spa touch to the bathroom. The scale is not only naturally beautiful, but also is water and fungi-resistant. This scale is 11.75" x 13.5" large enough to comfortably stand and the scale weighs up to 350 lbs.