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July 15, 2015

Kanex MiColor Accessories

With a lot of Apple devices in the household you cannot have too many lightning cables. Standard Lightning cables that come with Apple devices are not particular strong and can be a little delicate. The Kanex MiColor ChargeSync USB cable with LED Lightning Connector comes in Silver to complement the color of the latest iPhones. The cable is braided with nylon fiber, which makes it slightly thicker and stronger and is durable for everyday use. 

November 18, 2014

Kanex GoPower Pack™ Is a Must Own Device

Kanex GoPower Pack™ 11000mAh is a must have portable external battery pack for smartphones, tablets, and other Portable Electronics. Having our phone and electronic devices run out of battery when we need it the most is very frustrating, and if you have a Kanex GoPower you will not be frustrate again about your phone running out of battery. I had a chance to test the 11,000mAH GoPower Pack™ from Kanex and I am very impressed how useful and functional it is to have one.

October 22, 2014

Win Your Own Cool GoBuddy+ by Kanex

The GoBuddy+ by Kanex is a handy product to have for the frequent traveler. It is always good to have an extra charger for our device because we never know when we will need it. The GoBuddy+ is a portable charger for our iOS devices and a bottle opener all in one. If you are running out of charge on your phone or misplace your charger this portable charger is compact and lightweight to be attached to your keychain or bag with the included carabiner.