July 15, 2015

Kanex MiColor Accessories

With a lot of Apple devices in the household you cannot have too many lightning cables. Standard Lightning cables that come with Apple devices are not particular strong and can be a little delicate. The Kanex MiColor ChargeSync USB cable with LED Lightning Connector comes in Silver to complement the color of the latest iPhones. The cable is braided with nylon fiber, which makes it slightly thicker and stronger and is durable for everyday use. 
The lightning connector is enclosed in an aluminum housing which gives it a premium feel. The flexible braided cord does not tangle as much as other cords. One unique feature of this cable is the charging LED indicators. The four LED’s on the connector blink when a device is charging. The device lights up to indicate when it is fully charged and then it turns off. 

The MiColor ChargeSync cable is MFI certified, meaning it is designed to meet Apple’s requirements and performance standards. In addition to charging your device it can be used to sync to the computer as well. Might not be an issue with new cases but if your device has a fully protected case I would make sure that the connector fits without having to remove the case as the housing for the lightning connector is slightly bigger because of the LED’s. Overall the MiColor ChargeSync USB cable with LED Lightning Connector is pretty durable and flexible and can be put to good use for a long time. 
The Kanex MiColor 1 Port 2.4Amp Wall charger comes in a variety of colors and has a beautiful design. I like the fold-down plug blades that protect from getting bent and is easy to pack when travelling. Equipped with a single USB port with 2.4 Amps of power it charges the devices twice as fast to get the devices charged and ready to go. Since any USB cable can be plugged into the MiColor wall charger it is compatible with iPhone, iPod, Android, and any other mobile devices. 
Another device in the MiColor range is the MiColor Car charger. Just like other devices in the MiColor range it comes in a variety of colors to suit our devices and taste. Built with fast charging in mind, the Micolor has a powerful 2.4 Amp port that charges the devices rapidly at the fastest possible speed the device supports. With a compact design the car charger fits snuggly in the car socket and can be stored in the glove compartment when it is not in use. Both the wall charger and the car charger are designed to protect our devices from getting damaged from over charging, so these have built in circuit protection. 

Kanex has a beautiful range of creative mobile solutions, and if you are looking for Apple device accessories I would consider their products.

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  1. I need one of the lightening cables. I've gone thru 3-4 apple cables since I got my iPhone.

  2. It is good to know there is a compatible product. Last time mine broke I gave up and bought a new phone. This would be a lot more economical.

  3. interesting, have not tried these products.

  4. Thanks for this review - we are always going through a lot of cables! ;)

  5. Thanks for the review, these sound like good solid cables, I hate having so many and so many different kinds.

  6. Thanks for the review I will look for these locally


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