July 16, 2015

The Cat in the Hat Read and Learn

The Cat in the Hat, Read and Learn is an animated, interactive, and educational app for children ages 3 to 6. This program has been developed in collaboration with parents, kids, and educational experts. It will be available starting July 16th. Every page is animated and includes tap, and drag animations to bring the story to life.
There are gesture-activated surprises hidden in every scene to add depth and delight to the overall reading experience motivating children to explore the book thoroughly. This allows children to read the book many times helping young readers practice spelling, phonics, reading comprehension, rhyming among other early literacy concepts.
Children can move the story along by dragging characters or completing certain actions, such as bringing the Cat into the house for the first time when he arrives and lifting the hook on the box containing Thing 1 and Thing 2 to let them out. All activities have scaffolded written and spoken instructions as well as gentle hints to guide interactions as needed so that children of all abilities can engage with the activity objective. Activities get slightly difficult as the book goes on, and as activities are discovered they become accessible from the main menu, so that they can be played without going back into the story. The Kid-Friendly interface is wonderful for young readers and their families.
For more information on visit www.seussville.com and www.oceanhousemedia.com.

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  1. I love the cat in the hat!! What a classic :)

  2. I love that the story book comes to life and helps kids learn!

  3. Cat in the Hat has always been one of my favourites :)

  4. Great way to make learning fun! Big fan of Thing 1 and Thing 2, more partial to 2, though...lol

  5. My little guys - my Thing 1 and 2 - would enjoy this very much.


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