July 16, 2015

Engaging Craft Books

While at home for the summer holidays, it is fun to engage our children with crafts. My children and I checked out three new creative books that have lots of ideas on how we can use things from around our home.
Mason jars are no longer just for canning, as we can use them for a variety of crafts. Mason Jar Crafts for Kids by Linda Z. Braden provides exactly what the title promises. There are 25 fun ways Mason jars can be used such as keeping the jars decoratively around the home or for storing materials. Projects are accompanied by photo tutorials and comprehensive step-by-step instructions to make sure that anyone can follow along. Since the book is geared towards children they can easily follow, as the ideas are quite simple. This book is a good way to introduce children to Mason jar crafts.
Chris Barnardo's book Made with Dad features fifty-five original activities that are appropriate for children. The photographs and easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations are included throughout the book to inspire and help with a successful design. This book calls all parents especially dads to celebrate their abilities and spend quality time with their children. Making something together has lots of benefits, rather than using finished models or toys that doesn't allow a lot of room for innovation or creative thinking.

I like the outside the box ideas in this book that are done using recycled and easy to find materials. The book has sections that reminds parents the importance of being there for our children, being prepared, and having reliable routines. After all, the little things we do make big impacts. 

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