November 18, 2014

Kanex GoPower Pack™ Is a Must Own Device

Kanex GoPower Pack™ 11000mAh is a must have portable external battery pack for smartphones, tablets, and other Portable Electronics. Having our phone and electronic devices run out of battery when we need it the most is very frustrating, and if you have a Kanex GoPower you will not be frustrate again about your phone running out of battery. I had a chance to test the 11,000mAH GoPower Pack™ from Kanex and I am very impressed how useful and functional it is to have one.
The Kanex GoPower Pack™ is a high capacity compact Lithium Ion battery that will keep the devices fully charged or extend their use by a few hours.
The GoPower Pack™ comes in three different capacities: GoPower Pack™ - 6,000 mAh can charge up to 2 devices, GoPower Pack™ - 11,000 mAh charges 4 and GoPower Pack™ -2,600mAh can charge your device once. It took about 4 to 5 hours for the battery pack to charge itself. Since I had the 11,000mAH battery pack it has the capacity to charge upto 4 devices on a single charge. I have been using this device with 2 iPhones and sometimes an iPad. I usually forget to charge my phone everyday, so for me this gadget is handy and have been very useful for me. I can carry this device in my bag and use it when needed. This will be a very useful item to pack when we go on our outdoor adventures like camping as we need a charging source for our phones.

The Kanex GoPower Pack™ has two charging ports - a 1.0A for iPhones and 2.1A for iPads but these can be used interchangeably. This power pack can be used to charge any Smartphone, tablet and pretty much any other device that charges over microUSB or USB. The time it takes to charge a device depends on its battery capacity and the power supply current it needs. Charging from this battery pack is pretty fast compared to a wall charger. It takes about 1 to 2 hours for an iPhone to be fully charged. We can also keep using our device while it is charging.
There are 4 indicator lights which tell us how much power is left in the unit which is very convenient. The unit also has a built in stand to conveniently prop up our device to charge or watch videos. The stow-away stand is designed to hold the iPhone or any other smartphone, iPad Mini, and most mobile devices with a 7.9” or smaller screen size. It is not recommended to prop larger devices on the stand as it is not designed for heavy use.

The Kanex GoPower Pack™ comes with a micro USB cable and a cloth carrying pouch. Since this is sold as a smartphone and tablet accessory I wish it had come with a dedicated short lightning cable as well as a micro USB cable. Overall this is a useful gadget to have and I would highly recommend it.

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  1. This is so cool! I should definitely should get this for my husband. He is a sports addict and often kills his phone battery watching games while out. Great idea!

  2. I think this is really neat! I hate it when you're out of battery, but there's no outlet nearby to charge.

  3. Great product, I really need to get one of these. My cell phone always wants to die when it is not handy to recharge it via a plug. (Judy Cowan)

  4. This is a beautiful thing! I wouldn't mind having one myself!


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