July 30, 2021

Summer Activities: Board Games and Creative Workbook

totally trivia
To keep ourselves occupied during the many rainy days we have had this summer, we have been playing a couple of fun board games and doing creative projects. This trivia quiz game, Totally Trivia, and a hilarious speed drawing game, Speedy Scribbles are quite engaging. We agree with the author of The Bright Book that art helps process thoughts, emotions, and ideas, and this workbook has been inspiring are creativity.
totally trivia
Totally Trivia lets us brush up on our general knowledge with 900 questions covering a variety of general knowledge topics. Categories include Fun & Games, Past & Present, People & Places, Rock & Pop, Science & Nature, TV & Film. This allows for a guaranteed know-it-all moment for everyone... or at least a chance to learn. There’s no such thing as having too much useless information when it comes to this test of knowledge. It is easy to play with a few as 2 people or a large group.
bright book creative workbook
The Bright Book A Creativity Workbook Designed to Help You Shine by Jessi Raulet (EttaVee) is organized into eight chapters and features creative opportunities such as journaling, collage, drawing, painting, and writing. It is fun to explore a range of art materials and techniques to find our unique style and build skills, this book has art tips, lessons, and advice that helps with this. Themes include nurturing the artist within, exploring various art techniques without self-judgment, identifying and expressing an authentic style, harnessing the creative energy of travel and movement, experiencing the powerful effect of colour on emotion, developing creative confidence, and sharing the joy of creativity with others. This book is designed to inspire with art, inspirational quotes, and engaging journal prompts. The book comes with metallic edging, elastic closure, foiled cover, and artist-quality paper so we can create our own work in this workbook.
speedy scribbles
The best art takes time to create, but even then, not every piece ends up a winner! Speedy Scribbles is drawing for memory’s sake! This is a game of fast thinking, quick drawing and excellent memory! 

In each round, as a reader reads 20 words in 20 seconds, all players have to draw quick sketches to help remember what each word was. No one else may know what you drew, but as long as you do, you’ll be laughing your way to victory. Sometimes even the person that drew it cannot figure out what was drawn! The players earn a point for each correct answer and are ready to steal a word if an opponent guesses incorrectly. The player with the most points wins. This fast-paced game keeps all 4 to 8 players, ages 8 and up active.

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Update: The winner is Carol

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