August 4, 2021

How to Attract Buyers When Selling Your Property

how to attract buyers when selling your property
One of the most frustrating elements of selling a property is having it on the market and not having any viewers through the door. There are several things that can be done to avoid this frustration, and have more people view the property in the hopes to attract the correct buyer. 

Choose A Good Real Estate Agent
Having a professional real estate agent to sell your home is a game changer. A good real estate agent will value the property correctly to draw in the correct buyer. Then they will market the property using the same channels as your prospective buyers, and showcase the best part of the property to attract the buyers. It is always best to talk to a real estate agent when selling to get an understanding of the whole process. 

Tidy Up
No matter how lovely your property is, if the person sees unkept pictures of the space, they will be put off from coming to see it. What people want – as you might know yourself if you are looking for a new home – is to be able to move right in and not have to do any work right away. If the house is messy and untidy, it will be hard for them to determine whether the property will suite their lifestyle.

Declutter all the unused and unneeded items by boxing them up and either putting them into storage, selling, or trashing it. This will make things easy, as you are planning to move anyway. Whatever you plan to do, the fewer items there are in your home, the better. If you can remove everything and move into a family member’s home while you are selling, that’s even better as an empty house is much more appealing to a buyer.

Do Small Repairs
If there are small jobs that need to be done around the home, such as re-painting a room or fixing a doorknob or a leaking tap, then do these. Although this won’t immediately attract people through the door, once they are inside, they will see that it is move in ready. If you want to make your property even more attractive, then renovating spaces like the kitchen and bathroom to popular choices can help sell the property.

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  1. I love the excitement of buying and selling. It does require a bit of effort but so worth it.


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