August 14, 2015

Make Informative Decisions with the Help of the Geek Squad at Best Buy

As parents, we all do some degree of "helicopter parenting" and hover over our children either because we fear they might get hurt or we can't let go of the idea that they are our babies. While conversing with Rebecca, a parent representative at the Best Buy #PermissionToHover back to school event, we agreed that the degree of how much each parent "hovers" over their children depends on the individual child, the situation, and the parent.

In this fast paced technology world we live in, there is always a new "must have" gadget, so it is important as parents that we become educated technology wise. My husband and I are quite tech savvy and always try to keep up and control how much our children use technology. This is not an easy task when children grow up and "think" they know everything and they are being wise on the Internet and when using devices. During the event, when I was speaking with Fredi from the Geek Squad, and Elliott Chun tech expert and Communications Manager for Best Buy Canada we checked out a collection of new tech products Best Buy carries. 

I like the service the Best Buy Geek Squad provides in helping parents to make wise technology decisions and investments for their children. Since not all parents are up-to-date with the ever-changing gadgets that children believe they must have, it is useful to have these experts to explain the different features of the products. Many of the tech devices are usually big investments for families, so making the right decision is very important. The Geek Squad helps ensure that we have options to upgrade when new products come to the market, and they also provide technical support in person or remote technical assistance. 
Some of the highlighted products were...

  • ASUS 13.3" Laptop for $900 that has a high-fidelity QHD+ screen, a raw processing power and solid state drive (no moving parts, so less chance of breaking) to keep the device running smoothly while multitasking.
  • The easy to transport 6.6mm thin Samsung Tab S10.5" has cinema-like HD quality that can help stay productive, and used for entertainment.
  • Rebecca Minkoff Leather Wristlet with two interior pockets to hold credit cards or student ID and carry the phone in style.
  • Marley Chant Mini Portable Audio System made with sustainable and recycled products allows students to stream audio wirelessly from smartphones, laptops, and more.
  • LifeProof Fre power fitted hardshell case with built in screen and battery charger is designed for iPhone 6 will help protect the device from dirt, drop, snow, and water. 
During this event, I got to a cool opportunity to "hover" over Toronto on a helicopter ride and check out the landmarks of downtown Toronto :)
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  1. I love what Geek Squad does! I think it is so hard for parents to keep up with technology trends and to know what kids really need for school. I love that they help with that!


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