August 13, 2015

Be #BacktoSchool Ready

Some products and companies to keep in mind during Back to School Season.

Keep yourself and family organized with the 2015/2016 Day Ja View Calendar. I enjoyed using this calendar last year. Day Ja View, August to July wall calendars starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. I like this unique calendar because it comes with stickers that we can place on the removable plastic protective sheet, and avoid re-writing recurring activities.
Since we can write on the labels to jot down the time, it makes it easy to remember not to double book. For example, if you know soccer is every Wednesday each month, placing the sticker on the protective sheet and writing the time directly on the sticker we can avoid making other appointments at the same time. If you no longer need the sticker on the days you put it in initially, then you can easily remove or replace.
I love using the personal planner website to create my own personalized planner for the school year. I used the personal planner last year, and it is very easy to stay organized while I am on the go. Despite all the electronics that are available I love using the planner I can write on. Using their site and making our own planner is simple and exciting. I love the beautiful covers they have this year.  
Need help planning your children's education? Then you will find it useful to check, which is an online Canada learning Bond application that is developed in partnership with six leading financial institutions: Bank of Montreal, Meridian Credit Union, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, and Vancity to make it easy for families to apply for the Canada learning Bond. SmartSaver connects families with the RESP providers of their choice to start an account for $0, as there is no account set-up, enrolment or annual fees or contribution requirements. 
If your children need extra help with any of the subjects then you can contact and setup tutoring services with qualified Ontario Certified Teachers. The tutors are flexible to meet our schedule and come to our preferred place. The tutors are specialized in the different subjects and different age groups, so they can explain things in an understandable way and communicate with older and younger audiences. Parents are kept informed about the children's progress and results. 
Labeling children's items are crucial, so they don't loose all our back to school investment in a day! Having labeled items help our children, as well as the adults in the school, after school activities or in the camp environment. are microwave, laundry, and dishwasher safe so we can use them in a variety of items such as shoes, lunch containers, clothing, and more.  
My children love reading non-fictional material, and enjoyed reading and learning from the 2016 National Geographic Kids Almanac that has really cool information. While reading this, they were not only be asking questions but also thinking critically and creatively about things in their environment.
If you are looking for healthy snack options and gluten-free products for children and adults check out the variety at They have vitamin supplements, school supplies, and more.
When looking to purchase supplies for school check out the collection at Staples. They have lots of tech accessories, supplies to personalize lockers, binders, or tools and solutions to organize the study space and classroom, Copy & Print capabilities, and more. If you have done your shopping, don't forget to support your local Staples and help students in need at their supply drive.  

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  1. thanks for the post ..i really need to get myself one of the Day Ja View Calendars.. handy that you can reuse

  2. Nice tips! I need to pick up some Mabel's labels, where can you buy them?

    1. Jessica it is available on their site we have to personalize and order online and it is shipped home

  3. These are great products! I haven't gone to Staples for school supplies often, but these look really great!

  4. These are great products! I actualkly just ordered a back to school pack through them!

  5. Great post. I love the personal planner. I have to get one this year!

  6. Always really great deals at Giant Tiger- and they seem to hire people who are friendly and easy to get help from..a big plus when you are in a rush...

  7. I am a teacher and you certainly reminded me school is coming and the kids had better come prepared with choices like these. I love teaching so this is a good reminder.

  8. great post giant tiger always has great deals


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