August 16, 2015

Still Life Painting

One of our favourite hobbies is to paint and draw. I really enjoyed checking out the Still life Painting Studio kit with my children. This kit comes with five tubes of Gouache Paints and a book that explains a few techniques to capture the beauty of everyday objects. It is a wonderful way to introduce Still life painting to children. 
We started with the same setup, but were sitting in different places to do the drawings so the perspective of each of our drawing was different. 
Gouache Paints require us to use special paper such as hot pressed watercolour paper with a certain thickness and texture. I am glad that this kit comes with ten Strathmore 4"x6" paper art cards, to make it easy for us to get started. The kit includes five tubes with black, white and the three primary colours red, yellow, and blue, as well as a #4 round acrylic brush and a #6 flat acrylic brush.  
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