August 16, 2015

Portable Tech Products External Battery Pack and Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I have been testing and using a range of portable chargers and realized the problem with most of them is charging the chargers themselves, as it becomes a chore. The best solution to this would be to use ones that have a bigger capacity so they do not need to be charged frequently. RAVPower produces a range of portable chargers and have a lot of high end ones in their deluxe series with larger capacity.
I have been testing the RAVPower RP-PB31 7800mAh Portable power bank and it lives up to its name. This power bank is very sleek and compact even though it has a higher capacity. It is not heavy and is very portable. It has the ability to charge itself faster with its 2A input and it takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge my iPhone. The 7800mAh capacity allowed my phone to be charged at least 3 times until it needed to be recharged. The RP-PB31 has a button which when pressed indicates the amount of power left and sometimes this button is used to start the process of charging the phone. 

The unit comes with a standard Micro-USB cable and a well laid out manual that has a few important facts such as the unit can simultaneously charge and discharge, however constant pass-through charging can affect the lifespan of the product. The RP-PB31 portable power pack is great on camping trips to charge our devices without an external power source. This charger is a very good performer and provides a nice balance between capacity and weight. This unit would have been even better if it had the addition of one more USB port to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
The Taotronics Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a sleek new speaker with an attractive design. It has 2 high performance 3W acoustic drivers built into its rectangular design. This speaker has all the basic features for its range plus more. Included in the box along with the speaker is the battery, micro-USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and the user guide. The Speaker has a removable 1500mAh battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge when played at mid volume.
Charging the speaker takes 3 to 4 hours when connected to a USB power charger. Notable features of this speaker are its NFC pairing, built in microphone, and USB Audio. When connected to a computer via USB cable the computer plays audio through the speaker, which comes in handy so we can charge the speaker and listen to music at the same time. This feature of charging and playing sound at the same time is not available in all Bluetooth speakers.

Sound quality is pretty impressive for this speaker compared to other products at this price range. The speaker plays a balance of treble and bass and is very loud for its size at the highest volume. I found that sound quality wasn’t really clear until you increase the volume to more than mid level. Also, the sound was very directional, as you have to be facing the speaker to take in all the sound. The speaker didn't it drop the connection with my phone as long as there were no obstacles such as walls or doors. If you are looking for a Bluetooth portable speaker to give a better sound than your phone I would recommend the TT-SK02.

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