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April 24, 2012

Playtime has become fun with the Toydozer

Do you remember the time when you have stepped on little toys in the middle of the night, got hurt and became really angry?  Was there some point of time when you felt like throwing all the little toys that you got for the children because cleaning up was such a hectic job?  
All this will change with this innovative tool that mompreneur Amy Bradley has invented.  

Every parent and child will love the Toydozer.  This cleanup bulldozer will be very useful for everyone with children, including classrooms, daycares and play spaces.  

Every time I say to my children, "Its time to clean up" all I hear back is "I didn't make the mess" although they were both playing with the toys.  
After we got the Toydozer both of them want to clean up, so I am really happy :)

The design of the Toydozer is well thought-out.  The velcro tabs keep the gatherer and scoop together.  It is easy to store and hang when it is not in use.  There is no need to pick up each toy, cleaning will be fast.  
This product will teach children responsibility to clean up after themselves at a young age.  It is made out of strong plastic, but it is light in weight so children can easily use it.  It comes in three vibrant colours blue, yellow and purple.  The Toydozer is very helpful picking up small toys such as blocks, train pieces, puzzles, cars, the little ponies, squinkies and all the other toys.

This Toydozer has made a dramatic change in my home, I don't need to crawl all over the floor to pick up toys and the children have become really helpful cleaning up.  

It is sold online.  To get a 20% discount on your purchase use this coupon code: BLOGGER20.  Shipping is free within USA and Canada. 

If you want to win one please leave a comment on this post.
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The giveaway ends on May 5th. 
Open to people in Canada and USA.

Update: The giveaway winner is shineyaim

Disclosure:  I received this sample Toydozer as a part of the Toydozer blogger outreach campaign.  All rights reserved on photographs and opinion of the written content Createwithmom © 2012. Please Ask First