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February 12, 2013

Celebrate Family Day by taking your family to Never Land

I am glad we have the family day weekend coming up because we all need a break :)  If your next planned vacation seems too far away, why not take your family to Never Land this weekend.  Think of happy thoughts, add a pinch of fairy dust and check out Peter Pan Family Weekend activities below.
Download Peter Pan Family Weekend
For your Never Land stay you will need accommodation, so build your own family fort hideout out using old wood and cardboard boxes.  After your hard work, relax with Peter Pan Snacks and sip on Tinker Bell's Perfect Pixie Nectar while munching on Captain Hook's Honey Oat Plank Snacks. Then sit back and enjoy some entertainment with bonus clips below.

In this first bonus clip, Walt Disney's daughter Diane explains how her father fell in love with Peter Pan as a boy and wanted to make it his second feature after Snow White but had to wait 10 years for animation techniques to evolve to be able to make the film.
The second bonus clip comes from Ted Thomas' Featurette Growing Up with Nine Old Men about Disney's original 9 Old Men. The clip features some of the children of the 9 Old Men talking about what treasures and trinkets their fathers kept in their pockets. 
If you want to win a copy of Peter Pan Diamond Edition enter the rafflecopter below before February 16th.  This giveaway is open to everyone in US and Canada.
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February 2, 2013

Win your own copy of Peter Pan Diamond Edition

Disney celebrates the 60th anniversary release of Peter Pan with its Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & Storybook App) on February 5th.  
This is a classic tale of Wendy, John and Michael as they fly with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to the enchanted world of Never Land. 
The blu-ray combo pack is filled with bonus features including the groundbreaking feature Disney Intermission, Growing up with Nine Old Men short film, never-before-seen Deleted Scenes and a never-before-heard Deleted Song and more.
My children enjoyed watching the whole movie.  They had lots of favourite parts such as the time Peter Pan fought with Captain hook, when Wendy was with the mermaids and when Peter Pan returned the children to their home.
Here are some Printable Pirate Puzzles, Connect the Dots Darling Star Gazer and Never Land Fun & Games complement Magical Bookmarks featuring your favourite characters!
Download Peter Pan Never Grow Up Games
The big theme of Peter Pan is not growing up, which I think is sometimes a good thing so we can be carefree and play, not worry about time so much :)  
I join my children sometimes when they play or do crafts, which is a nice way to spend time without thinking of all the work that needs to be done :) and my children do inspire me to many things I do including this blog.  Playing is fun as it helps us learn, so I would say it is okay to play with food :) as long as there is no waste.   
Seeing the world the way children do with innocence makes a difference and helps a lot when we are dealing with grown up problems.
Please enter this giveaway through the rafflecopter below.  This is open to people in Canada and US until February 16th.  Please make sure to follow all my social media networks and comment. Winner will have 24 hours from the time of contact to confirm their win.
Update: The winner is Florence
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