February 12, 2013

Celebrate Family Day by taking your family to Never Land

I am glad we have the family day weekend coming up because we all need a break :)  If your next planned vacation seems too far away, why not take your family to Never Land this weekend.  Think of happy thoughts, add a pinch of fairy dust and check out Peter Pan Family Weekend activities below.
Download Peter Pan Family Weekend
For your Never Land stay you will need accommodation, so build your own family fort hideout out using old wood and cardboard boxes.  After your hard work, relax with Peter Pan Snacks and sip on Tinker Bell's Perfect Pixie Nectar while munching on Captain Hook's Honey Oat Plank Snacks. Then sit back and enjoy some entertainment with bonus clips below.

In this first bonus clip, Walt Disney's daughter Diane explains how her father fell in love with Peter Pan as a boy and wanted to make it his second feature after Snow White but had to wait 10 years for animation techniques to evolve to be able to make the film.
The second bonus clip comes from Ted Thomas' Featurette Growing Up with Nine Old Men about Disney's original 9 Old Men. The clip features some of the children of the 9 Old Men talking about what treasures and trinkets their fathers kept in their pockets. 
If you want to win a copy of Peter Pan Diamond Edition enter the rafflecopter below before February 16th.  This giveaway is open to everyone in US and Canada.
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  1. My son loves Captain Hook (I don't know why).
    {From Canada}

  2. I'm in Canada and have always loved Tinkerbell

  3. I read Peter Pan as a child but don't really remember the characters....................it would be nice to read the story again with my daughters. I am in Mississauga, Canada.

  4. We're in the US. My boys LOVE Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and the ticking crocodile! Angela W.

  5. I Canada and we love tinker bell!


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