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November 1, 2020

Bring the Tropics home with Lemongrass House Spa products and Giveaway

lemongrass house essential oil burner
We love using Lemongrass House products on our body and around the home. The fragrances of their products derived from tropical floral scents have become more important this year with us spending majority of our time at home. With the weather becoming cooler, having the scents of the flowers and calming natural products are really helpful not only for our physical health but also with our mental health. 

November 9, 2019

Lemongrass House Face and Hair Care Products

lemongrass house hair products
We have been using a variety of Lemongrass House Products for a while now, and love that it is made with natural ingredients which are good for us and the environment. The subtle natural fragrances in their products are derived from plants and flowers, which feels good against the skin. We also love the different home and pillow fragrance sprays from Lemongrass House to give our home a feel-good fresh scent. These fragrance sprays would make wonderful hostess gifts. 

May 6, 2019

Lemongrass House Handmade Spa Products that everyone will enjoy

lemongrass house spa products
Ever since we tried a few Lemongrass House products, we have been loving it because of their unique natural fragrances. Recently, we tried a few other products and love these as well. These handmade fresh products from Thailand do not use any type of artificial colour or preservatives, chemicals or parabens which makes it perfect for every skin type.