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September 20, 2017

Healthy School and After-School Snacks and Giveaway

hans dairy yogurt salad
I always plan on what healthy school snacks I can prepare at home, and keep it ready for my children to enjoy after school. I also try to make sure the snacks they have are nutritious. Although, I love to make a different snack everyday, our on-the-go schedules don't give me time for this. On these days, I love the convenience of having delicious Hans Dairy snacks in the fridge. The Indian style rice pudding, lassi, and yogurt from Hans Dairy is one of our favourites; we can enjoy as is or by adding fresh fruits and berries.  

May 4, 2017

Help Your Body Cool Down this Summer with Hans Dairy Products

hans dairy
My grandma always reminds me about the ample benefits of yogurt; for example it helps cool our body, strengthen the immune system, and aids digestion. In our family, we have lots of yogurt in different forms - from making side dishes like raita, or including it in beverages and desserts to adding it to meals when we cook and bake.