May 2, 2021

Celebrating Cultural Heritages and Giveaway

There are different months dedicated to celebrate and raise awareness about different cultures and heritages in Canada. It is important for us to know about each other's heritage and hold on to ours. There is much value in learning this to become people who have empathy and kindness, which certainly is lacking with recent events we have seen around the world despite the global pandemic.  

In order to celebrate Asian Heritage Month this May, editors of Vancouver based Ricepaper Magazine have put together an anthology, Belief. This is a collection of Asian writing from around the world including a piece by Canadian poet and author Joy Kogawa alongside short stories, poetry, and nonfiction by writers of Asian descent from around the world.
asian heritage belief book
Some of the stories from this book...
The first short story "If Photographs Could Feed You" by Kailin Yang is about her brother Davy and his journey as a photographer around the world. The impact his decision had on everyone in the family, dreams of her parents in Canada, memories, and more.

"Egg Roll" by Garry Engkent about his father's restaurant in Northern Ontario when egg rolls were introduced to the menu. The controversy over the introduction of what is in the egg roll, when no one questions what is inside the hot dog. I learned how misnaming food makes people misunderstand the ingredients in it, for example the hamburger and chop suey.  

"Flesh, Not Blood" by Cindy Phan is about family, expectations, and belonging. 

"Factory" by Janika Oza is about an Indian lawyer coming for a better life for his family to Toronto, but ending up working in a smoked filled, high security factory that was getting rid of confidential information.

There are lots of interesting poems and poetry in the middle section of the book. 

And many more short stories. Every story is unique, thoughtful, something to ponder, funny moments, incidents that are relatable, overall fun to read. I would totally recommend this book to any age.

If you live in Canada and would like to win a copy of this book enter the giveaway before May 28th. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win.
Update: The winner is Gloria

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  1. This book looks interesting It is very important to learn about different cultural heritages

  2. It looks like a interesting read

  3. Yes, my granddaughter is of Asian heritage and would enjoy this book as she learns more about her culture.

  4. Love learning about different cultures and heritages. Makes for an interesting and educational read.

  5. It's very important to learn. It might help me understand/learn about my own background.

  6. I love and value books and cultures. What a lovely way to get to know different cultures. prespe4 at

  7. it is great to learn about different cultures and heritages!

  8. it would be a great way to learn and share information about different cultures. thanks

  9. I want to win this book so I can find about diverse authors that I can share with my students. And it is so important to learn about different cultures because it helps build empathy.

  10. I think it is very important since our country is so multicultural.

  11. I’m very interested in learning more about different cultures and perspectives as it brings us all together and we realize we’re not very different from each other.


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