March 11, 2021

Novel, Poem and Practicing to Draw

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Finding inspiration from all around us isn't always easy. I am always grateful for anyone that inspires to see the beauty in little things, which sometimes gets lost between our everyday routines. This reminder to look beyond the surface of things was on a few books we looked at recently; poetry journal by Sabina Laura, the novel Misfit in love by S.K. Ali, and two drawing books from Step by Step Studio series.

Not confronting people's biases, be it within the family, friends or community, can be dangerous over time as it becomes inherent beliefs that are hard to remove. I think this is the reason we still see injustices happening to many of us in the world. Knowing, learning, and understanding about the past, how certain things have impacted the lives of people in different family dynamics, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic, and other groups we have created is very important so we do not repeat passing biased opinions and thoughts to future generations. 

I feel the time we give to read books by authors that bring these issues to the forefront and talk about it are well worth it. This allows us to see different perspectives and form well thought out unbiased opinions and learn to see the world and everything around us in beauty.
misfit in love
S.K. Ali's sequel to the Saints and Misfits, Misfit in Love is about Janna Yusuf and the different situations that come up during her brother's wedding. It is also about her summer love before going to university on a scholarship to learn English. This is a must read, so I will not spoil it by giving all the scoop. I like the fun creative approach the author takes in storytelling. This book has lots of relatable family drama that happens during weddings. Within the storyline, the author takes the opportunity to address several issues we all need to think about and check for our own biases. Having read Saints and Misfits, I felt like I knew some of the characters and really enjoyed the read and how the characters have grown and how their lives have changed. It would be exciting to read another young adult book with the same characters! I have also enjoyed Love from A to Z from S.K. Ali, which is another awesome book.
a little sunshine a little rain poetry journal
My teenage daughter is in to poetry like I was, when I was younger. This journal type book, A little sunshine and a little rain is a perfect way to get inspired to write beautiful poems. I agree with the author as she says, poetry changes the way we see the world, and search for deeper details making us more aware of the things around us. The sections of the poems are separated by seasons. The authors gives the reader topics and enough space in the book to put down our thoughts. There are lots of tips on how to write poetry and become better at it, and a section about linguistic techniques. The book has poems that will inspire to write our own. I love the cover and simplicity of this book, it makes a good gift for yourself or anyone who enjoys writing poetry.
step by step studio drawing
Drawing Concepts and Drawing Lifelike Subjects by Step by Step Studio are inspiring guides that teach us different drawing techniques using pencils. I like how everything is explained in order to benefit anyone interested in drawing to understand how to see things and then draw it objectively creating realistic subjects. The images in the book has in-depth descriptions, which makes it easy to understand the different art concepts to draw a variety of fauna, flora, landscape, and portraits.   
step by step studio drawing
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