September 9, 2020

Decorating our home with Mixtiles

Mixtiles are a perfect way to print memorable pictures to display it in any room of our homes. With the current situation in the world, we decided not to travel this year - not even to explore anywhere close to home. We spent a lot of time looking through pictures, talking about our memories, and picked a few pictures of memorable places from our travels to display in our office/craft room. 
saint john new brunswick
One of the best features of displaying the Mixtiles is that they don't damage our walls! We can easily move the picture frames around as many times as we want. 
All we have to do is remove the protective paper on the sticky strip attached on the top edge of the tile, and stick it to the wall.
cavendish beach prince edward island
We found the process of ordering quite simple. We ordered using their website. Once we pick images with a resolution that is higher than 800 x 800 pixels, all we have to do is click on the plus sign and add the images. It gives the option to adjust the image if the original picture is not a square. Once we choose an edging, we can proceed with ordering it. 

If the picture resolutions are too small, the website/app gives a warning, we found uploading edited brighter images with higher resolutions turned out better. We can also import photos from Facebook, Instagram or Google Drive. Mixtiles also has an iOS app and Android app if you choose to use these.

The lightweight tiles are 8 by 8 inches and a little less than an inch thick. We like that there are five different options of edging to choose from - edge, clean, ever, bold, and classic. I wish there was an option to have different edging in the same order. 
samuel de champlain voyager canoe
We love how the images turned out, it makes us re-live the memories of some of the special places we visited...
The lighthouse is from our trip to Saint John, New Brunswick taken close to sunset. This lighthouse is visible from the Hilton in downtown Saint John, we even remember seeing a large cruise ship docking nearby. 
The picturesque canoe was from our Samuel De Champlain voyageur canoe adventure tour, as we explored the Mattawa River as the Voyageurs did in the 1700s during the height of the fur trade. 
The beautiful red cliffs was from a memorable trip to Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. 
Mixtiles would make excellent gifts as well. They ship to most countries around the world, so check out their website and print pictures that you can display around your space and re-live the memories just like we do!

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  1. I had not heard of Mixtiles before this. They do look like a cost-efficient way to decorate the walls.

  2. Never heard of this but I love taking and displaying photos. Sounds like a great product!

  3. Your pictures are really beautiful!
    Thanks very much for the information on Mixtiles, I've never heard of them, but they look like an awesome way to decorate.

  4. These are such a great idea! I love them!

  5. What a great way to display memories!


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