September 23, 2020

Sealing artwork and coasters with Epoxy Resin

epoxy resin wall art with press flowers
I did a fun canvas painting of a vase using gouache paint for the background and used pressed flowers from previous summers, then sealed it with epoxy resin. Since reading The Ultimate Fluid Pouring and Painting Project book about resin, I have wanted to try it and love how the projects turned out. 
epoxy resin poured over ceramic tiles
I used the Epoxy Resin on the Ceramic Tiles I made last summer using the pouring medium technique to seal the surface, which has now made turned these decorative tiles into durable coasters. I glued soft anti-slip padding to the back of the coasters. 
ceramic tiles turned into coasters
For the fun canvas wall art project you will need...

gouache paint
paint brush
pressed flowers
Epoxy Resin kit

I had saved a few flowers from our garden between thick books in the past years, and decided to use these for this project. To press flowers, remove the flowers when it is not wet from the plant. Put these flowers and leaves flat between thick books such as Ikea catalogues and keep it under heavy items. Over time, these flowers will be dry like paper and flat.
gouache paint vase
Before sealing the entire surface of the canvas with Epoxy Resin, I painted the background of this canvas with gouache paint, and then painted a vase with flowers. 
press flower canvas art
While the paint was still wet, I placed the pressed flowers on to the canvas and let the canvas dry completely.
gouache paint press flower canvas art
Give a lot of time to ensure the canvas is fully dry before getting the resin ready and pouring it on to the surface. 

The Epoxy Resin kit we bought said to mix the hardener and the resin into a 1:1 ratio. Remember to mix just enough for the projects you want to pour it on or it will go to waste. 
epoxy resin poured over canvas artwork
Before starting the resin pouring part of this project, cover the work surface with a vinyl tablecloth, then place a bag that you can simply put in the garbage. It is best to work in a ventilated space and wear disposable gloves. I measured the content using disposable containers then poured it into the silicon container and mixed it for about 3 minutes until the mixture became clear. 
epoxy resin mixing
It is best to cover the back of the canvas at least the edges with duct tape, so we can remove it once the resin dries or you will have to use a X-Acto knife and carefully cut the dry resin. I placed the canvas over a disposable cup which made it easy to pour the resin where the excess resin dripped.  
press flower epoxy resin
Once you pour the resin give it a lot of time to dry. If you touch the resin before it dries it can make marks on the surface. I let it dry over a day. When the project is drying, place a clean cover such as a plastic box over the work making sure not to touch the surface. This will make sure nothing falls on the resin surface while it is drying. 
press flower canvas with epoxy resin
The glassy look of the resin finish has turned this simple artwork into a beautiful unique piece we admire.

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