December 21, 2017

Counting Down the Year in Streaming

As a member of the Netflix StreamTeam, my family and I are looking back and reflecting on our Netflix moments of this year. We have used Netflix shows to start conversationspersuade family and friends to watch what we like, and streamed smarter using Google.

We have also had fun interactions with Netflix when we chose our own endings to Puss in Book, and sang birthday songs with Netflix characters.

Netflix has come in handy when we wanted to sneak in "me time" and watch downloaded  shows on-the-go.

Netflix took a look at how Canadians are bingeing in public when travel during the holidays, and found 57% of Canadians surveyed binge in public during air travel. 1 in 5 Canadians have suffered through a flight with no entertainment due to faulty in-flight systems, and 33% say they have missed the ending of what they were watching because of landing. These are some of the reasons, why downloading movies and shows from Netflix and watching has come in handy. 

Here are a few of our favourite Netflix shows and movies you can cozy up during the holidays to watch...
Trolls holiday special 
Dreamworks Home: For the holidays
A Christmas Prince
The Christmas Inheritance
We can let the kids have an early countdown with Netflix's New Year's Eve Countdown starting December 26th. 

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  1. We enjoy Netflix, although we didn't watch much of the Christmas specials.

  2. I love Netflix and watch it every single night, I can't remember the last time I watched normal TV. I enjoy the fact that I can watch a series without having to wait to watch the next episode. :-)

  3. We have downloaded stuff from Netflix to watch on the go and we love this feature. But we tried to do this when we flew last fall and it didn't work for us. Not sure what we did wrong!

  4. Netflix has innovative programming and we love to take advantage of the various series.

  5. I love finding a new show to watch . A lot of people I know are getting rid of cable but keeping Netflix

  6. My daughter loved the Trolls Holiday Special...she's a big fan of Poppy!

  7. I watch movies on Netflix often and recommend to friends and family my favourites.

  8. We are Netflix fans, but didn't watch much at all over the holidays.


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