Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Art of Persuasion

I have always been able to persuade friends and family to watch shows and movies I like. As it has always been an easy task, I have never stopped to think about how I persuade them. My husband and I usually plan to watch the same shows or one of us start to watch an episode and think it would be something that we both might like.
Most of the time we are right, and end up binge watching together. These shows create common topics and inside jokes for us. The recent show we watched was the Netflix Series Atypical, a story exploring the question: what does it really mean to be “normal”? 

We are also half way watching Brown Nation. The ten, half hour episodes of this comedy drama is about an Indian-American man, his family, and his IT business. 

Recently, we have been watching episodes of Departure as a family and it needed us to persuade our children to join us. They were not willing to give up their screen time to watch this travel adventure show together. This is how we persuaded them so we can all watch together.
  • We made it a family occasion and watch it only when everyone is present and have time to watch.
  • We usually watch it in the evening.
  • We make snacks to have when watching this show.
  • We talk about the places we have seen on this show, and talk about where we would want to visit. 
This is how we persuade each other to watch shows together. 

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  1. Lol....I wish I was more versed in The Art of Persuasion!!

  2. We have similar viewing tastes so I don't usually have to persuade. Now that the colder weather is coming we will enjoy watching Netflix instead of going out. We will have to check out the shows you mentioned. We're always looking for a good series to watch on the weekend.

  3. This is such a great idea. We tend to scatter in our family when it comes to watching tv but maybe we should be doing it together instead.

  4. My family doesn't watch too much tv. We eat together at the table every night.

  5. I love when we find a show we can all waych as a family. There aren't many since the kids ages vary so much. My husband and I have very different tastes in television and movies but I can usually convince him to watch with me.

  6. We operate pretty much the same way! I see tv commercials or conversations on social media about specific shows. We are more baseball/hockey & comedy shows in the evenings! I do love true life crime tv ...hubby doesn't mind it but it's not his passion.

  7. I'll be looking out for Departure!

  8. hahaha! I love this!! I'm sending this blog post to my family members!

  9. I haven't been very successful getting my family to watch shows and movies I like. My husband and I used to have a couple shows we watched together, but he's lost interest. I guess I need to reread your post and improve my persuasion skills!

  10. We try to watch whenever possible. we look for shows that we will all watch it is not always easy

  11. Ahh, the gentle art of persuasion, way to go!


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