Sunday, July 16, 2017

Taking Some Time Off for "Me Time"

netflix me time
No matter how busy we get, my husband and I give ourselves "me time". During these bits of time we make for ourselves, we not only do activities that are fun for us, but also take the time to catch up on our favourite Netflix shows and movies.

We believe taking time for ourselves is important in many levels for our overall wellbeing. I agree with 95% of Canuck moms that many of us had more time for ourselves before motherhood. I remember before motherhood, I used to fill my time by volunteering, working, and doing other passionate hobbies. Even during these phases of my life, I always kept some time to learn new skills. 

I find it is easy to make time to feel refreshed and refocused if we really want, even after having children. This will teach our children the importance of taking some "me time" for themselves.
netflix me time
According to a recent Netflix survey 9 out of 10 others say taking time for themselves help them to... 
  • Be a better parent
  • Feel like their old self again
  • Take a break from all the kids' TV shows
  • Get peace and quiet to decompress alone
  • Reduce stress
  • Take a break from daily routine  
netflix me time
Now with the Netflix Download feature, we don't need to worry about having to use our cellular data or look for an active Wi-Fi connection to watch our favourite shows. We downloaded a few movies, shows and episodes that we want to watch and enjoy them when we get a chance even while travelling and going on road trips. 

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  1. Self care is necessary, it gives you a boost. it's okay to binge netflix.

  2. Me time is SO important for your well-being! I think a little tv watching can definitely fit that bill :)

  3. I make sure I take time for myself most days....even if it is just a long soak in the tub!

  4. The download feature on Netflix is so handy.

  5. I need some me time. it is important. I received a colouring book and still have not found time to use it.

  6. Reading and binge watching TV are my main ways to take time for myself. It's always important to have Me-time, but I've found it's definitely much easier to do now that my children are grown.

  7. Mothers need constant reminding to take time for themselves.


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