July 19, 2017

Ease of Shopping Online

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We love shopping online! There are a few reasons, why my family and I love to shop online and have been doing this more frequently in the recent past. With online shopping, we can conveniently buy what we want, when we want without trying to beat traffic, driving to a store and looking for the items in the shelves, or carrying the items and standing in line. Especially with the busy lifestyle, making purchases online is quick - simply search for the items and buy it - and the products get delivered right to our front door. Also, depending on the items, it is quite easy to return without regretting the purchasing decision.

We have bought many of our kitchen gadgets, children's toys like Mancala we have been taking with us even when we travel, household and craft items like my sewing machine, clothes, and more on Amazon.ca. In the beginning of the year, we had promised ourselves to be more mindful of our health and to be active, so we were quite excited to find a good deal on Amazon.ca and purchased Fitbit Charge 2 fitness trackers for everyone in the family. 
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During our online shopping experiences, we have found some great products on Amazon.ca including products we never knew we wanted, and also cheaper alternatives to the common products we use. I have found shopping at Amazon.ca a very welcoming experience, as it has many tools to help us shop with confidence. I like that we are equipped with tools such as product comparisons, reviews, detailed descriptions, and also an option to see what other customers bought after looking at a particular item.

Being regular online shoppers, we are super excited to partner with Amazon.ca and be part of the Associates Program for the rest of 2017. We are looking forward to sharing deals and our favourite picks in the coming months.

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  1. I love shopping from home, I live in a small town with little options for clothes. Online is a life saver!

  2. I also live in a small town with few options, I also moved out of the city for the quietness, haven't been to a mall in years, and I wouldn't change a thing lol

    Online shopping is just right.

  3. Shopping online for some things is very convenient. I've begun doing it more often.

  4. I love shopping online and amazon is my go-to store. They have everything and I love their shipping options!

  5. I am just starting to do some shopping on line. its very easy

  6. With the cost to ship gifts to my children and grandchildren in the eastern US I find it a lot easier and less expensive to send their gifts through online shopping. I just wish that more would accept Paypal as I will not use a credit card online.


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