December 20, 2017

Learning Needle Tatting

needle tatting amazon
I have been waiting to learn the craft of tatting, however I couldn't find the tools at any of the stores in Ontario. I searched it up on and was super excited that it was available to purchase.

I bought the Handy Hands Learn Needle Tatting step-by-step kit using Amazon Prime. The kit includes step-by-step instructions by Barbara Foster published by Handy Hands. This kit teaches the techniques and has photos and diagrams. The kit has four needles in different sizes #8, #7, #5, and #3 to work with different thread sizes, the lower number needle is thicker. also has different colours and sizes of Lizbeth thread ideal for a variety of tatting designs.  

I used Handy Hands HH03-124 Embroidery Lizbeth Cordonnet Cotton, Size 3 and the below pattern to tat the above pictured design...

R (ring)
- (picot)
Ch (chain)

R 4-2-2-2-2-4

Ch 3-1-1-13

I made 2 strips of 12 rings and 11 chains to attach on the sleeves of a shirt.  

There are many books with patterns we can purchase on Amazon such as Easy TattingTatting patterns, and Needle Tatting: The Basics and More

This form of lace making with intricate designs of rings and loops is easy to master using the step-by-step instructions. This craft will let us add holiday trims, edging on pillows and clothes, and personalize items such as gifts, home decor, and cards to make it unique. 

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    1. Thank you Nicole. Once I learned how to do the two stitches of needle tatting it is quite easy. I watched a lot of videos and found a method that was easier for me. This kit is really useful and a good investment. The only thing is it takes a lot of time and patience but well worth it :)


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