February 11, 2016

Decoupage Vase and Using Stencils on Fabric

stencil book
I enjoy looking through, and being inspired by a couple of Amy Butler's books. The Stencils book has beautiful fresh, decorative patterns that we can use for many of our decor projects. The 14 die-cut stencil designs in this kit comes with an inspiring book that has colourful projects.
The stencil book explains how to stencil paint on a variety of surfaces, prep the surface, and more. The stencils are printed on heavy-gauge paper stock, so we cannot wash it. However, it can be wiped clean and reused. I wish the stencils were printed on laminate or a material that is washable.
stencil book
I love the different ways we can use the stencils. We used one of the designs on a plain shirt with fabric markers and fabric paint. Adding the stencil design makes the t-shirt unique and beautiful.
stencil art on tshirt
Amy Butler's Decoupage kit shows us how we can decorate and design unique projects like decorated tables, bracelets, wall art, frames, and more using classic and easy decoupage techniques. I like the beautiful designs on the 80 sheets of paper included in the kit.
This is a wonderful kit for those new to decoupage. Those already familiar with the craft will like the inspiring sheets of paper to use on different projects, and turn simple items to special ones.
decoupage vase
I used one of the sheets from this kit to upcycle a glass bottle, and make a vase.
decoupage vase
For this Decoupage Vase I used...
Decoupage paper
Dishwasher safe Mod Podge
Craft scissor with zigzag edge
Glass markers
Glass drink bottle 
decoupage vase
First, measure the length you want to cover with the paper and cut it to fit. I wanted the glass bottle to be covered half way. Apply Mod Podge using a paintbrush to the surface of the bottle, and paste the paper. Apply Mod Podge over the paper and let it dry completely. If you want to apply a second coat you can apply after the first coat dries completely.

For the top part of the bottle, I used Deco Art Glass Markers and tried to carry a similar design to the decoupage paper. Use can place the bottle as home decor or put flowers. 
decoupage vase
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