February 11, 2016

Organizing with Kilner

The original Kilner jar invented by John Kilner and Co in the 1840's has stood the test of time for over 150 years. Although, the design has been updated, they have kept the unique vacuum feature that helps keep our blends, preserves, and pickles fresh. I find the Kilner jars can be used in lots of different ways, not just to store preserves and pickles. I used a variety of different sized Kilner Jars to organize my kitchen pantry. 
I used 3L large round Kilner jars, and 1L airtight clip top jars to store and organize my cupboard. These jars are wonderful to store dry food items, as well as for bottling fruits, pickles, jams, and chutneys. I like the clamp on lids on these jars that allows us to securely store food items, and help keep it fresh. I found having ingredients in these jars gives my pantry a more spacious and organized look.
This cute Clip Top Spice Jar Set is wonderful to store homemade spice and herb blends. I like that the set comes with 6, 70ml jars, an inspiring recipe booklet, 12 colourful labels in a wooden crate, so we can keep all the homemade spices and herbs close by.
By organizing with these transparent Kilner jars, I find it is easier to find the ingredients I am looking for. We can also use these jars to serve individual food portions, or place candles, sweets or bath salts.

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  1. great idea! And it looks so pretty while being useful!

  2. I do love jars lol These would be great for so many things!

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  3. Love the spice rack, been looking for something like that. Thanks for letting me know about it. (Judy Cowan)

  4. These are nice jars and as you say can be used to store so many different things making a well organised pantry :-)

  5. I would love these! My Tupperware is getting old and the lids are all braking. Sure they are warranty but you to pay a shipping fee.

  6. I love those jars,and want many of them!

  7. I love those jars as you can see easily what is in them plus they seal so tight!


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