November 28, 2015

Win Your Own Kits to Give as Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

It is always special when the gifts we get especially from our children are handmade. This shows how much effort, love, and care they put into making it. My children and I got a chance to use and play with awesome Klutz Kits that provide fun activities for everyone over 8. Since 1977 Klutz creates activity kits that come with all the materials and instructions we need to make fabulous crafts. I think these kits are wonderful for both children and adults alike who enjoy doing crafts or learning how to do crafts. The end products of what we make using the material and inspiration from these kits can be given as gifts to loved ones.

My daughter enjoyed making charm bracelets using the Charm Bracelet Studio. This kit comes with a 52-page book, 3 gold metal bangles, 21 blank gold metal charms (15 large, 6 small), 1 custom painting tool, 5 paint colours, 21 jump rings, 1 sheet of rhinestones, 1 sheet of stickers and decals, 1 bottle of finishing gloss. I like how charm bracelets let us express what we like. Nothing shows creativity like wearing something we make. 
There are over 100 designs that we can use or make our own. My daughter found the instructions for the painting techniques simple to follow and enjoyed making bracelets. We can mix and match 21 gorgeous, high quality gold metal charms and craft standout statements for ourselves or to give as gifts.
My daughter enjoys the Many Moods of Me Journal because she loves journals. You can't feel happy if you don't know how it feels to be sad! So it is important to teach our children that all feelings are important because these emotions make up who we are. This journal encourages children to recognize feelings are important. 
The Many Moods of Me Journal has beautiful hand drawn prompts that celebrate emotions: the good, the bad, and everything in between. Children will enjoy slipping on the mood ring to get a read on their feelings, and then finding the corresponding colour on the six colour mood pen, before they flip to the section they want and write whatever comes to their mind on the 76-page journal.
Finger Knitting is an easy, fast and fun way to knit. I love knitting, but haven't tried finger knitting. I am excited and looking forward to learn it from this kit that comes with 200 yards of yarn in 4 colours with metallic thread, a decorative button, 10 plastic beads, metal stitch holder, plastic lacing tool, and a 56-page book with simple step-by-step instructions for more than 15 projects. We only need to learn one simple technique to craft quick and cool accessories from bracelets to boot toppers to headbands by learning finger knitting.
When I was growing up all the girls made Friendship Bracelets, so I too learned a few designs, but never tried anything fancy. I love using this Klutz Personalized Friendship Bracelet kit to get started on a craft I loved and almost forgot how to do. I love being able to share the fun of making friendship bracelets with my daughter. Using this kit we can make custom bracelets with our name on.
I found the instructions easy to follow and I like that it comes with a zippered pouch to keep the 50 yards of 5 different colours of embroidery floss the kit comes with. I like that the book has a built-in bracelet board so we can craft on the go and I find this makes it easy to create lots of beautiful designs. I like how the kit explains and teaches us how to make unique friendship bracelets to keep for ourselves or to give as gifts.
I find batik designs to be beautiful and wanted to try it myself. Batik artists around the world use hot wax to add amazing, hand-dyed designs to everything from intricate tapestries to one-of-a-kind scarves. This Klutz's Design and Dye With No Heat Batik has made it easy for me to try this centuries old art without using heat and creating the beautiful designs mess-free. We can turn our drawings into colourful, wearable designs simply by tracing, painting, and washing. The 48-page book in the kit teaches how to make patterns and do colour mixing. It comes with 50 designs of traceable art, 3 paint bottles, doodling gel, 10 fabric swatches, plastic page protector, paintbrush to get us started and use what we learn to refashion material around our home with unique batik designs.
If you are in Canada and would like to win 3 #KlutzHandmade Kits (Charm Bracelet Studio, Personalized Friendship Bracelets, and a Klutz kit of your choice) before December 13 then enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below. Please follow my social media networks and leave comments to be eligible to win. 
Important to win: On the comments please tell me which other kit you like the best by visiting, and pick any title from any Klutz category, and that will be your third prize.
Update: The winner is Maureen

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