September 15, 2014

Making This School Year the Best with DK Books

With the start of a new school year, I think it is important to set some routines for our children around doing some extra practice after school. This routine is very important to us, especially since the school my children attend don't give homework due to the no homework policy. I find the selection of books at the DK's Back to School boutique such as their Made Easy series, and 10 Minutes a Day series are helpful for my children to get some extra practice and ask us questions about context they would have been introduced to in school. These books and more are now available for 30% off its regular price.

DK has a full range of reference books whether we are looking for answers about Dinosaurs, nature or science. These fully illustrated and expertly researched books are really useful for children to learn about things that interest them.

Some of the featured books such as Help Your Kids With Series that we checked out last year have been very helpful for us, especially when I try to help my children with a concept either in math, English or science.
I really like the 10 Minutes a day books. I have been using the Math books in this series and have found them to be a wonderful way to encourage my children to do some review for about 10 minutes a day. The timer that comes with the book is encouraging for them to spend a few minutes each day and think about math concepts they are familiar with or ask me for help. This year we checked out the phonics and spelling books in this series, which is a good way to start encouraging children to spend 10 minutes to practice English at grade level.
We also checked out the French Made Easy book, which has a simple layout that guides children through French words, grammar and pronunciation. This book is handy for any child who enjoys French or needs some extra support in class or to prepare for French immersion. French Made Easy strengthens learning and understanding with interactive exercises and engaging activities.
The colourful First French Picture Dictionary is a wonderful addition to any learning environment, as it helps children refer to the dictionary when they are looking for unfamiliar words.
The Boutique also has some awesome Eye Wonder books about cars, Ancient Rome, Castle and Knights, and Sharks. My children wanted to check out the Castle and Knights books as their interest in this subject emerged after our trip to the Medieval Times. Hope these books will help guide your children to make this school year the best from the start as well.
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  1. The 10 minutes a day books sound like an awesome idea. Having the timer makes reviewing a doable task.

  2. I love DK books, especially the visuals for visual learners

  3. DK publishes the best books for kids and adults too (Marilyn L)

  4. The help your kids with series would be good. We're just starting kindergarten here.

  5. I love DK books, especially the Travel ones.

  6. I love the bright pictures in the DK books. These ones sound great.

  7. Great colourful book! =D I am not too familiar with children books but my friends are expecting so great to see this!

  8. The books looks great! I think that it is intriguing enough to keep the kids focused on it long enough to learn.

  9. DK books are good we have a few on the bookshelf


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