August 11, 2014

Going Back to School with Staples

There is less than a month before school, and getting ready a little early helps in our family so we don't have to worry about school the week before it starts :) Since Staples has a wide choice of designs with vibrant colours, wild patterns, and interesting textures to suite everyone's taste, shopping to get everything we need there is easy.
Some tips before going back to school from Staples
Before you go shopping, check to see what you have and make a list. If there is anything you don't want then drop it off at any Staples, as they recycles many items. Buy quality, trusted brands that can be used for a long time.
If you find a lower advertised price, take advantage of the Staples Price Match Guarantee on the day of or 14 days of your purchase.
When purchasing products make environmentally friendly and ethical choices such as purchasing Me to We products that will help benefit others. Purchasing Me to We products helps break down the barriers to education by giving tangible gifts like healthy school lunches, notebooks, and pencils to a child in a developing community.  
Before school starts... remind children to wash their hands and basic hygiene rules. Be prepared with germ-fighting supplies, like hand sanitizer and tissues. 
Teach planning and organizational skills by having kids lay out their clothes the night before each school day. Staples has lots of essentials that children will need to be organized, as well as supplies such as craft paper, locker kits, whiteboards, and more.
Ensure there is a one area in the home that is dedicated to homework on an ongoing basis. Setup a reward system that will help with your parenting style to keep children motivated throughout the school year.
Don't forget to have a supply of paper clips, as it will come in handy to quickly replace a broken zipper pull or use scotch tape around the tip of a paper clip to clean out the phone's earphone jack. There are more inspiration and tips on their Pinterest.
I am glad Staples carries a wide selection of Washi Tape that I have been looking for to do crafts. I started off decorating a binder and doing a few other crafts with it. I will soon be posting about how I have used Washi Tape to make school supplies unique such as decorating pencils with Washi tape.
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