August 10, 2014

Driving Experience with the 2015 Genesis 3.8 Sedan

My family and I really enjoyed driving the 2015 Genesis 3.8 Sedan with the Technology package, and going on a few trips around Ontario during our experience. This new Genesis is completely re-engineered from the ground up. The exclusive, all-new platform and standard HTRAC® AWD system works together to deliver a dynamic drive with a focus on handling and control.

The interior features are sure to be loved; it has a 8.0” Navigation System with 4.5 GB of Storage, 12-way Power-adjustable Front Seats with Lumbar Adjustment, Acoustically-laminated Glass, Dual-zone Automatic Climate Control with Auto-defogging System, Power-folding Side Mirrors with Integrated Turn Signal, Leather Seating Surfaces, and Proximity Keyless Entry with Aluminum Push-button Ignition.

The Smart key allows us to easily lock and unlock the vehicle, start the engine, and open the trunk. It also protects from theft, as the vehicle will automatically set the theft alarm system if it is not opened with a smart key. Outside rearview mirror folds automatically when the vehicle is locked with the smart key and unfolds when we approach the vehicle with the key.

All the instruments are located conveniently, which is wonderful when we travel. The panoramic sunroof is really awesome when we travel. The comfortable adjustments in the seats such as sliding forward or backward, tilting the height, seat warmers, and built-in rear curtains for children are very handy. The heated steering wheels are awesome in winter.

Automatic dimming night vision, safety mirrors that reduce glares, Z-Nav compass that shows the direction we are heading are other awesome features. The alerting blind-spot with the blind-spot detection sound and light is useful when changing lanes.

We are advised to use the cruise control if the conditions are safe to do so, as the cruise control adjusts speed according to the vehicle in front and maintains constant speed and distance.

The transparent Head Up Display or HUD shows the user settings we choose such as turn-by-turn navigation, road signs, speedometer, and more on the windshield glass. 
The exterior features such as the Adaptive (auto-cornering) and Auto-leveling HID Headlights, LED Daytime Running Lights, Taillights and Fog Lamps, Mirror Mounted Welcome Lights with Genesis Logo, and Rear-view Camera are awesome too.

When it is dark the welcome system becomes visible, and the puddle lamp comes on for about 15 seconds when the door is unlocked or when we approach the vehicle with the smart key.

We went on a #HyundaiDriveSquad challenge to Arrowhead Provincial Park located in Huntsville, Muskoka on this 2015 Genesis 3.8 Sedan. Check out the upcoming post about Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Hyundai's new thinking have opened up new possibilities, and driving another vehicle after driving the Genesis will surely make us miss all its features. 

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