August 11, 2014

Fun We Had at Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville

We went on a day trip to enjoy the three sand beaches on Arrowhead Lake surrounded by beautiful trees in the heart of Muskoka as part of our #HyundaiDriveSquad challenge.
The quiet motorboat-free lakes are wonderful to swim, play by the sand or canoe.
The large sand bluffs and the Big East River Delta at the Big Bend Lookout looked beautiful. The headwater of the Big East River originates from Algonquin Provincial Park. The exposed layers of sand and silt are in a constant state of erosion. 
We can see the meandering oxbows and river flood plain associated with the ancient glacial delta that is formed by the deposition of sand and gravel flowing from the glacial Lake Algonquin.
The trails are beautiful to hike on, and be surrounded by nature and maybe even spot some wildlife; we were able to spot a deer.
Arrowhead Provincial Park has 15 km of hiking trails, in which one of the trails leads to Stubb's waterfall.
A video from the other side of the waterfall.
Stubb's Trail
Different view of the Stubb's Fall
If you are planning on staying overnight, they have lots of campsites. Arrowhead Provincial Park is also open in winter, and offers a skating trail, tubing hill, and snowshoe trails. 
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