April 10, 2014

Origami Toys: Fish and Bird

My children and I really enjoyed learning and following the instructions from Paul Jackson's Origami Toys That Tumble, Fly and Spin book. I am glad the book had a pouch with 60 colourful origami paper to get us started right away. 
It was fun to remake the toys the author has illustrated. We found the instructions clear and easy to follow. I think this book is wonderful for those who are new to origami, as well as those with some experience. The projects are labelled simple, intermediate and advanced so we can start off with things that are easy.
I hope these step-by-step clear instruction images below, which are taken from the book will be helpful for you to try this cute fish. Click on the images to make it big. 

There are lots of fabulous other Origami toys in this book that we make such as birds, horse, spinning toys, dogs, frogs and more.
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