Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Trip To Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Butterfly at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
We had a wonderful time driving to Cambridge, Ontario and St. Jacobs Country on the 5 passenger Buick Encore. We liked the unique features of the Luxury Crossover SUV such as the rear vision camera, rainsense wipers and memory leather seats.

It is a little compact for our liking especially in the front by the gear and the leg space in the back, other than that we enjoyed the smooth drive. 
The seats can be folded to transform to cargo space. This fuel efficient, All-Wheel Drive vehicle is perfect for city driving and wonderful for a small family. 
While on our road trip since there was no built-in navigation on this model I got, we used the HERE apps on the Nokia Lumia 920 phone to navigate and liked using it. 
I really enjoy being socially active when I am on the road using the apps on this phone, especially posting pictures on social media using the camera. However, I found the zoom is not as crisp as the photos we take without zooming. 
I posted the video below on Facebook directly from the phone during the trip and the compression made the video loose its crispness, compared to when we watch the video directly from the phone. 
Here is the video taken at Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. I loaded the video from the phone to SkyDrive, then transferred to YouTube.
We also enjoy using Nokia Music and Netflix when we are on our road trips. Nokia Music cost $3.99/month, which allows us to stream lots of songs and skip tracks. The free version allows us to skip 6 songs for an hour. We can try the Nokia Music for a week for free, and skip any amount of songs we like; however it doesn't allow us to forward or rewind the song. We like the beautiful album art and background information that comes for each artists. I did have occasional crashes when opening the app hopefully these errors would be sorted out in the future updates.
I would also prefer if there is a simpler way to close active apps. Since the start of my #summerswitch challenge I am still impressed with the capabilities of this phone. I have become quite dependent on the ease of using the phone especially because of the live tiles.
Here is bit about our road trip to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, where we enjoyed walking among thousands of butterflies. 
We were all very excited when some butterflies landed on us. There were many colourful butterflies fluttering around the beautiful tropical plants inside this conservatory. 
I really liked the scenic greenhouse atmosphere, which is a wonderful to take pictures. There were also cute, colourful little finches flying everywhere. I found the Cambridge Butterfly conservatory to be very peaceful, as we spent a couple of hours enjoying the excitement.
One of the friendly staff members allowed us to experience how a stick insect would feel when it walks on our hands.
This is a wonderful place to go and experience the amazing butterflies fluttering around us.
On our way back we visited the St. Jacobs Country market and bought some fresh fruit and vegetables.
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  1. Isn't StJacobs great and I loved the Butterfly Conservatory when I went!

  2. I would love to.take my daughter here for a visit...thanks for the feature

  3. I have wanted to take my girls here. It is such a magical experience being surrounded by so much beauty.

  4. we have yet to go here! but I have heard many great things and it looks so beautiful. I love that everyone can hold and touch the butterflies and insects

  5. I would love to take my grandchildren to the butterfly conservatory. Butterflies are so beautiful and I love how they will land on your hand.


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