July 6, 2013

Rolling Down A Hill Inside Aqua OGO At Horseshoe Resort

OGO is a thrilling, adventurous, soaking-wet water ride that will be enjoyed by everyone. It is a ball filled with water into which we can go inside and roll down a hill. Horseshoe Resort is the only place in Canada that we can experience the fun of OGO, which is made and designed in New Zealand. 
We can ride the Aqua OGO with a maximum of 3 riders at one time and up to three times per pass. The hill we go tubing in the winter at Horseshoe Resort is transformed into an area that we can roll down the OGO in the summer. 
OGO is a 3 metre transparent sphere made out of plastic with little plastic anchors and multi-coloured strings. The sphere is filled with 25 litres of water, which is about 1/8th of water that makes the OGO slippery. Each time we go on the ride, for hygienic reasons the water is changed and refilled with tap water.  
It is lots of fun to slide, roll, and get pushed all around the inside of the OGO while we roll down the hill in speed. There is nothing to fear as we are secured with a zipper inside the ball and it is lots of fun for both children and adults. 
We really enjoyed revolving and getting soaked inside the OGO; this isn't something you want to miss :) I like that we can go on the OGO with any clothing we like, just remember you will get soaking wet so do bring a change of clothes and a towel. 
There are lots of activities to do at the Adventure Park, so take your family and friends and head over to Horseshoe Resort this summer. 
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  1. We went this weekend and just got back today but didn't do the OGO. I know my eldest son would have been terrified inside but my youngest would have had a blast :)


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