July 4, 2013

Summer Adventure At Horseshoe Resort

Horseshoe Resort isn't only fun in the winter, but also in the summer. We spent a fun filled day at Horseshoe Resort Adventure Park by rolling down the hill inside their water filled OGO, climbing rocks, golfing, running through the maze and more. It is a fabulous place to do family friendly activities that promote learning and discovery.

All the staff members at Horseshoe Resort are friendly and are always eager to help to make sure we are having fun. When going there for summer adventure make sure to take a good pair of shoes, a change of clothes or swimwear, towel, sunscreen and hat. 
The passes can be purchased at the Tack shop. Check out their summer combo passes to enjoy a variety of sports at the Adventure Park. 
We rolled down the hill on this Aqua OGO. Horseshoe Resort is the only place in Canada that we can experience this thrilling adventure. I will share more about this fun experience on the upcoming post :)
The Climbing Wall is a great sport that challenged us mentally and physically. We safely climbed the wall, as the staff members harnessed and gave us safety helmets to wear. Anyone between 45 lbs. to 200 lbs. will enjoy climbing this wall.
The Ridgetop Mini golf was loads of fun. I really liked the scenic background as we went higher. 
We made two teams and had fun trying to score into the holes. 
It is quite easy to spend hours at the mini putt golf. There is no previous experience necessary :) so my children were very excited trying their best to score.
The unique Red Horse Maze was thrilling as we tried to go through the maze and find the exit first. After entering it I almost felt like I was lost and had to eagerly find a way out :)
Red Horse Mining is a wonderful way to learn how gemstones are found. We can buy a bag of sand with gems in it and enjoy panning for gemstones. The gems we find while panning, is something that we get to keep. Children would enjoy this hands-on activity.
My children eagerly went to jump on the Euro Bungy Trampoline. They told me that it didn't go as higher as they would have liked so they couldn't do flips :)
The 700 acres Horseshoe Resort located in Barrie, Ontario also has lots of other adventures to do such as mountain biking, treetop trekking, Hummer tours, Zip line, Segway and Yamaha Riding Adventures. Although, we didn't do these activities it sure looked like lots of fun as well. 
Zip line
Treetop Trekking
Horseshoe Resort Adventure Park would make a wonderful day trip to go with family and friends. They have wonderful places to enjoy a meal there, so no need to worry about packing food :) It would also be adventurous to stay overnight at their fabulous accommodation and enjoy all their other summer adventures. Horseshoe Resort is a fabulous place to #rediscoverfun, so take the summer passport to adventure and make wonderful memories with your family and friends.
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  1. That looks SO fun!! I've never heard of Horseshoe Resort, but will definitely have to look into it. Looks like there's lots to do and keep the kids busy :)

  2. we took the boys here a few years ago when they were young, they have a blogger day this weekend that sadly we have to miss but we will try to get the boys back there again, it's so fun!

  3. Looks amazing! I used to ski there years ago and I am going this summer with my family!

  4. We are actually going there this weekend...great to know there are lots of activities! I was getting worried about the food if there would be options for us..thanks for the review!


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