June 4, 2013

Dad's Will Enjoy These DIY and Woodwork Books

Our dad's will enjoy getting colourful, useful books like this Do It Yourself and Woodwork, as the information on these books will help do quick fixes and larger projects. These go-to books are simple, easy to follow, and has lots of practical tips and techniques. My husband has used the Canadian edition of Do It Yourself to help him fix lots of things around the home from small to big jobs such as adjusting loose toilet seats, changing fuses, unblocking drains, fixing gutters and more. 
This practical step-by-step guide to fixing, building, and installing almost anything in our home gives us information such as...
- What to have in the basic tool kit, about ladders, renting equipment, work clothes for protection, specific tools and materials.
- Information on how to find the correct people for a job such as painters, plumbers and more.
- Shows us how to assess the exterior and interior of the home.
- There are lots of information about windows, doors, molding, gutters, kitchens, bathroom, paint effects, tiling, landscaping, installing electrics, flooring, child proofing, and more.
My husband, just like my dad enjoys woodwork and doing upgrades around the home on his own. The recent projects he did were adding accent windows to the garage, placing tiles, and this permanent bench for the deck.

For this bench he used... 
4 pieces of 6ft 4x4 wood
metal brackets and wood screws

One 4x4 piece was cut into 6 for the legs. The other 3 pieces were put on the top and was attached with brackets and wood screws.
"Wood has been fundamental to the development and survival of mankind throughout history." Although tools have advanced in sophistication, the fundamentals of woodworking hasn't changed much over the centuries.
I think woodworking is a life skill and must be part of the school syllabus. Unfortunately the schools are removing this program. This Woodwork book allows us to understand the equipment, develop skills by using the techniques, and know the different types of wood so we can make informed decisions. There are 25 step-by-step simple and challenging woodworking projects such as coat rack, coffee table, wall cabinet, bed, buffet, chair and more. This is a wonderful reference book for woodwork enthusiasts of all levels.

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