June 5, 2013

Stay Fit Cycling

My husband believes the most fun way to stay fit for him is cycling. He just wishes there is more good weather to do this often. We introduced our children to cycle with a tricycle first and now they are in the process of learning to ride a bike. This has become one of our favourite summer activities.
Riding a bike not only benefits our body, but also the environment as it is emission free. We should be walking/riding the bike to help our environment, whenever we can. Lets celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5th by doing something that will help the environment.
This book Complete Bike Book has step-by-step pictures that would be helpful to learn more about maintaining, riding techniques, adjusting the bike correctly, repairing, cycling safely and many more. This book has tips and advice from professionals that would benefit both beginners and experienced cyclists. It was interesting to read about the history of cycling and different bikes. 
My husband says, having a book like this allows him to maintain and use the bike to its fullest potential. Right now this book is on sale at DK Canada for a limited time.
Since 1989, the City of Toronto has worked with the cycling community to deliver programs to encourage people to cycle. Toronto's Bike Month has evolved from a 1998 Bike to Work Day event to become one of the largest event of its kind in Canada. Beginning in 2012, the City partnered with Cycle Toronto to transition Bike Month to a community-based program. Here are lots of events related to cycling.
Always wear a helmet and ride safe.
Mountain bike
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