February 27, 2013

4 Pillars of Strength from the movie Chasing Mavericks & win 1 of 3 prize packs

Chasing Mavericks is out on Blu-ray and DVD today.  This movie is inspired by a true story of real life surfing phenom Jay Moriarity (played by newcomer Jonny Weston).  
When the 15 year old Jay discovers about the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth is real and is only a few miles from his home Santa Cruz.  He asks help from a local legend Frosty Hesson (played by Gerard Butler) to train him to survive it. As Jay and Frosty embark on their quest to accomplish the impossible, they form a unique friendship that transforms both their lives.  Their quest to tame Mavericks becomes about more than surfing. 
Chasing Mavericks was made with the help of some of the biggest names in the surfing world, and features some of the most mind-blowing real wave footage ever captured on film.  

Blu-ray Special Features include: 
    ●    Deleted Scenes
        ○    Frosty and Jay Paddle
        ○    Jay Plays the Bills
        ○    Power of Money
        ○    Jay Laments
    ●    Surf City
    ●    Shooting Waves
    ●    Live Like Jay
    ●    Surfer Zen
    ●    Commentary from Director Michael Apted and
Writers Brandon Hooper and Jim Meenaghan
    ●    Ultraviolet 

I would recommend this PG movie for everyone, it was lots of fun watching how strong the boy becomes following the four pillars.  In Chasing Mavericks, Frosty gives Jay some lessons outside of the basic surfing protocol, including his ‘Four Pillars of Strength.’ 
In Chasing Mavericks, Jay must demonstrate his physical strength by paddling 28.5 miles from Santa Cruz to Monterey Bay. This is a tough challenge, as it requires incredible strength to complete. This pillar is about taking care of your health and well-being.
·       Walking three times a week for 30-minutes
·       Balancing the diet, having vegetables as half of each meal 
·       Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours is a must for physical strength
To prepare for Mavericks, Jay had to study the ocean current, tides and wave patterns, and how these different elements work together. Understanding when to paddle out, when to drop in on a wave, how to use an ocean current to save energy can be the difference between life and death when dealing with 40 to 60 foot waves.  Memory tricks are a great mental workout:
·       Next time when you are travelling, think as many words as possible that begin with the letter A, then work your way through the alphabet.
·       Try remembering a list of objects or people from one category in the space of one minute
Jay learns that he must face his fears head on when he gets in a situation that causes anxiety such as seeing a Shark. When fear becomes too overwhelming it can drown a person. Jay is able to address his fear and let go of the pain of his father leaving his mother and this frees him.
·       Address your emotions and take steps to help it without fearing change 
·       Knowing our weaknesses and asking for help
While this pillar is not addressed extensively in the movie, Jay does mention that his life purpose is to surf Mavericks. His passion and drive to push his limits helps him achieve an iconic status in the surfing world. Having spiritual strength is not limited to people with religious affiliations.
·       Seeing the big picture without limiting life to only one viewpoint
·       Seeking a higher purpose to achieve and having faith

The Surf Bracelet
Win 1 of 3 Chasing Mavericks blu-ray and 2 "Live Like Jay" surf bracelets before March 31st.  This giveaway is open to everyone in US and Canada.  Please follow all social media networks to be eligible and enter through the rafflecopter below.
Update: The winners are Darwin, Carolyn and ViviAn.

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  1. Yes they are important and i live in Canada


  2. I'm Canadian. I think that they are all important, however, at al elitist level, everyone pretty much as the sam ephysical capabilities, it's the other three that really make a winner.

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  3. I live in Canada. I completely agree with the pillars - you need a good balance between them.

  4. I'm Canadian. Life wouldn't be much without those pillars!

  5. I am in Canada. Yes absolutely these pillars are important in life. If we followed them more we'd definitely be happier.


  6. I'm Canadian. Yes I believe that the four pillars in life our important

  7. I'm in Canada. I've never really thought of things in terms of the 4 pillars but it looks like an interesting way of thinking.

  8. I live in BC and I think yes, four pillars are very important!

  9. I live in Winnipeg and think they four pillars are very important

  10. i live in canada and yes I think they are.

  11. I'm in Canada and yes i think they are.


  12. Im in Newfoundland Canada, Yes I think they are important!

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  13. I'm from US: yes I do think they are important to life.

  14. I live in Canada. I think these pillars are super-important!

  15. I'm in Canada. I do think these 4 pillars are very important.

  16. I am in the US and I think they are important.

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  17. The Four Pillars are VERY important!! I am in Canada.

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  18. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Chasing Mavericks Blu-ray
    and 2 "Live Like Jay" surf bracelets.
    In response to your requirement to Please let you know if i am in Canada or US and Do i think these four pillars in life are important?
    I live in canada and yes i think the four pillars of
    Physical,Mental,Emotional and Spiritual are important.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!

  19. I am Canadian. I think the 4 pillars are a great foundation to build on!

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  21. I am in Canada. As per my previous post, the 4 pillars are a good foundation to build on. It looks like a great movie!


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