February 26, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph Will Make Us Go Retro

Wreck-It Ralph is AWESOME. It has romance, emotions, adventure, action, witty dialogues, comedy, bad guys, good guys and more, which makes it a fabulous family movie. The adults in our home enjoyed making inferences and the smart and funny dialogues in the movie.
  • Some of the funny lines that stuck with me are when the dynamite girl on Hero's duty tells Felix that "Flattery doesn't work these batteries". 
  • The conversations during the Bad Anon meeting were funny.  During this meeting Ralph talks about his feelings and thoughts of becoming a good guy so he can earn a medal.
  • The names used for the characters are really funny and cool such as Game Central Station similar to New York Central Station, where all the characters from different games travel.  The security officer is called the Surge Protector.
Looking at the characters and scenes will make us feel nostalgic and remember our favourite arcade games and moments.  The animators did a lot of work to make the four different worlds in the movie to be unique, believable and realistic.  The directors and the team chose video games from different eras and connected the characters.

1.  The animators created a simple world to represent the characters from the 1980s Wreck-it Ralph game. They were asked to ignore the rules of animation and celebrate the cubes and pixelated characters. If you look closer at the characters from Fix-It Felix Jr. you will see the characters moving in a linear direction.

2.  Sugar Rush is a game that came out in 1997.  The designs on the set for Sugar Rush are inspired by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. The team makes the models using real food by making the lighting soft without dark shadows so it would be appealing.

There are lots of eye catching delicious sweets in this part of the movie that is made using Nesquik drinks, Mentos, licorice, jawbreaker, gum balls, Oreos, cookies, chocolate cigars and many more sweets. The mini game of making the car on Sugar Rush and how it turned out reminded me of the homemade birthday cake I made for my son's second birthday, this decorated cake was before learning about cake decoration.
3.  The world shown on the Hero's duty game is animated with triangle designs to resemble the recent arcade games, which are more complex, violent, aggressive and scary.  
4.  The arcade room is represented by the stereotypical figures of people found in arcade rooms in Southern California.  The lighting and feel makes it realistic.  

We liked watching the bonus features in the movie. Learning the tidbits from the bonus features of how the movie is created and the concepts were interesting.  Don't forget to watch the Oscar winning, cute, romantic animated short film Paperman, which is part of the bonus features.

While watching the movie we saw a different perspective from the view point of the characters, for example having something blink funny in the game will make us the Arcade players think there is a "glitch" in the game.  When we think that there is something wrong with the game, usually the game goes "out of order," which really means death to the game and its characters.    

My children and we found it sad when the other girls were bullying Vanellope.  We liked the part when Vanellope becomes a princess, but instead of changing her personality Vanellope decides to make her kingdom into a constitutional democracy.

We liked Ralph's caring character, as he helps Vanellope make the car and learn how to race. After Ralph realizes that Vanellope is not a glitch he goes back to help her. When the weather gets better we are thinking of experimenting the Mentos falling into coke just like in the movie.

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  1. We LOVE Wreck it Ralph...the kids have been watching it nonstop all week lol. That cake really reminds me of the movie too. I wish I lived in Sugar Rush LOL. I love how Felix calls his blushing the "honey glow" in his cheeks..hehe

  2. Wow! We've heard of Wreck it Ralph, but haven't seen it yet! Little One didn't seem to be overly interested, as she's more into Tangled and all things princess and fairy! :) I would like to see this though! From what I've heard, it's really good! Also, that cake is super cool!!!

  3. This is a GREAT review, we loved Wreck It Ralph!! I agree there was loads of content for the adults to chuckle over and the Anon meeting was hilarious!!

  4. We saw the previews to this movie, but I didn't play video games growing up so I didn't think I'd find the movie very funny. Some jokes are funnier if you know the history behind them... :) Great review, though. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!

  5. Wreck it Ralph seems to be a HUGE hit with everyone I talk too and I just have to say, that cake has me craving something sweet!!

  6. my kids are huge wreck it Ralph Saenz. We love the company and the fun of the movie. my favorite part was when we saw the old Nintendo remote control at the end.

  7. I haven't seen Wreck-it-Ralph yet but it sounds really great!

  8. I missed this in the theatre as we had a newborn. I need to pick up a copy now.


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