December 5, 2012

Wear holiday cheer using Command

One of the things we like to do during winter holidays are making crafts and hanging them up on the windows. We usually have a hard time hanging these crafts because the tape and suction cups that we have used in the past fall off easily due to humidity on the windows. After we used command hooks to hang crafts, we found that it was easy for us to hang our crafts the way we like without damaging them.

Some craft ideas to place on the windows are stained glass sun catcher or this Paper towel roll flowers and stars.
command hook
To make these shiny hanging ornaments you will need...
Paper towel or toilet paper roll
different colour glitter
command hook
Cut the paper towel roll into 1/2 or 1/4" thickness. Then arrange it to make a flower or star shape. Glue the pieces to attach and secure it with clothespins for a few minutes until it holds together. 

Then remove the clothespins and cover the entire flower or star with modpodge and sprinkle coloured glitter all over it. It is better to protect the working surface with newspaper as this could be messy :)  
Let it dry completely before hanging.  
command hook
To hang these crafts on the wall and window we used the Command mini hooks that hold about 1/2 lb.  These handy hooks came in a pack of 18 hooks with 24 small strips, which helped us hang crafts and holiday lights on our window. We also used cord clips to keep the holiday lights organized. These cord clips come in a pack with 4 clips and 5 small strips.

I found it easy to remove and replace the position of the hooks, as I didn't want them on the initial spot I placed them.  Once we remove the hooks we have to put another small strip when placing it in a different location, this is why Command has extra strips in each packet :)  
command hook
There are a variety of hooks such as medium hook, medium and large brushed nickel hooks that are useful to hang a variety of things around our home such as bags, towels, brooms etc.  

Command also has general purpose large outdoor hooks that hold about 5 lbs., which comes with 2 water resistant strips so we can hang things indoor or outdoor.
command hook
Enter the contest at Command's Facebook page to get coupons for Command products, which will be useful around your home.
command hook
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  1. Command hooks are so handy to have around. We use them in various areas of our home. It helps keep things organized and clutter free. One thing I never thought to use a Command hook for was to display my daughter's crafts.

  2. Love this idea! Plus most of us already have a lot of these supplies at home. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We try and avoid putting holes in our walls and use this product faithfully for everything from dish towels to hanging pictures. Really versatile, thanks for sharing.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  4. Love Command products! So much better then putting holes in your walls!

  5. Love the hooks for hanging Christmas lights! So helpful!! Thanks for sharing! I love this post!


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