December 6, 2012

StickyGrams will stick well with many people

stickygrams magnet
StickyGrams are personalized magnets that are made with pictures from Instagram that cherish our memories throughout the year.  It is easy to place and replace these to any magnetic surface without damaging the surface it is placed on.  We can also hang them in other creative ways on non-magnetic surfaces. 

I found it easy to use their site and create these magnets by following 3 simple steps that are prompted to us.  
stickygrams magnet
3 simple steps to order
The cost for a sheet with 9 pictures is $14.99.  I think these StickyGrams make a wonderful memorable gift to anyone any age.  

If you want to get your pictures to give as gifts for the holidays order it soon.  For USA and everywhere else in the world order before December 9th so you will have it by 25th of December and for UK and EU before the 13th of December.
stickygrams magnet
The back of the StickyGram
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  1. I love these! I was planning on getting some instagram pics made into magnets and now I know where. Thanks!

  2. That is a cute idea, they would make a great gift idea for grandparents with pictures of the grand kids.


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