July 15, 2012

Twinkle Toes review and giveaway

Twinkle Toes: The Movie is inspired by the best selling Skechers girls' shoe line.  The movie comes to DVD on July 31st.
My children enjoyed watching this fun filled movie.  The sweet adorable Twinkle Toes character overcomes her fears and learns to celebrate her individual energy.
The movie is filled with music, friendship and laughter that parents and children will enjoy.  The story is about courage, self-expression and finding the "sparkle" within.
This animated movie star Grace "Twinkle Toes" Hastings is a fashion icon for girls under 13 years.  
Here is synopsis from my daughter.
Twinkle Toes didn't like dancing in public because of her past embarrassment of making a mistake while she danced at the spring dance.  Although she didn't like dancing in public, she loved dancing in private.  Her teacher realized Twinkle's passion and signed her up for dance classes.  
Twinkle Toes decides to raise money for her school by doing a dancing show.  After this fundraise they were able to save the school from closing.  
Both my children enjoyed the animation and songs throughout the movie.
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If you like a copy of the DVD, please leave a comment by July 20th on this post.  The giveaway is open to everyone in US.
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Update: Winner is Devi

Footwear for children
It is important that we put proper footwear for our children to avoid foot problems later on.  I am curious to find out about Pediped footwear.  
It seems like pediped's primary concern is the wellbeing of our children's growing feet as they say their shoes are "the next best thing to bare feet."  Usually when children complain of foot pain we think "growing pains", but we need to think about this a little more because wrong footwear can cause foot problems.  
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  1. Hi.. Always looking forward to your posts! Nice DVD... I like the concept.. which is very important to kids and adults.. Following you on twitter - @medleyblog (Like the name twinkle toes :))

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  5. I don't have children (so don't consider me for the giveaway), but I love reading about your family!

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  8. These shoes are so girly- my daughter had a pair until her school did not want her to wear the light up ones! -yes.4eva.r@gmail.com

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