July 17, 2012

Safari Niagara

Safari Niagara is a fun attraction in Stevensville, Ontario close to Niagara falls. In my opinion this park will be visited even without the animals because of its fun components such as the splash pad, lovely big children's play area, paddle boats and the barnyard to name a few. The domestic animals such as cows and goats in the barnyard were fun for children to watch.
We liked the big splash pad and had lots of fun at the park and the sand area. My Children liked the little features such as the hidden huge egg that is under the bushes by the entrance, which was a nice surprise for children. They also spotted a rabbit/hare that was hiding there.
We enjoyed paddling the boats, which was a good workout for the legs :) This relaxing fun paddling allows only two people per boat. It would be nice if the staff is more welcoming and friendly, only the person who was driving the tram was friendly. There amphitheater in the safari has live concerts.  There was an area for fishing which we saw, but couldn't find a way to get there so we passed it.
We took the tram, which costs an extra $3 per person over the age of 3 years. This was fun for my children and us as we got on and off in the six stops throughout the park. We enjoyed the scenic ride and spotted a variety of sculpture art in the park.
All thrill seekers will enjoy the SkyQuest challenge.  It is 30 Feet high with beams and ropes. People over 48" can enjoy this obstacle course for a price of $10 at their own pace. The SkyTykes for children can be enjoyed for $5. It has balance beams, ropes and bridges similar to the large one. Everyone is harnessed so people can maneuver themselves along the track safely without rushing. This is open everyday from 11 to 4 pm.
The park has lots of family picnic areas for our enjoyment. They also allow group functions where people can barbecue. I didn't like that it was in a close proximity to where the animals were, it is as if we are teasing the senses of these animals i.e. lion, Bengal tiger etc.  
Safari Niagara is a nice scenic place to visit so I don't think they is any need to have these wild animals caged to encourage visitors.  Although I visit zoos I am negative and skeptical about it, I often feel that the animals are in a "jail" and feel sad about this.  I felt sad to see the caged animals that were mostly on their own without a partner. The cages and gates with electric fencing were put for our safety is not the same in an animal's perspective. I felt a sense of sadness in the areas where I saw the animals. 
There wasn't much greenery inside the cage or food, which is visible to us except for water; although I am sure the animals are fed. The safari is involved in an animal exchange program so the animals get moved around. We didn't bother with the live animal shows as it looked like it was going to be the same as the ones at Marineland and African lion safari.
I really believe there isn't any need to prison animals large or small or birds for our enjoyment in any of the zoos.
The fresh air and greenery at Safari Niagara connects us with nature and is worth visiting. We took advantage of the groupon tickets online to visit the attraction. The parking at the park was free. Safari Niagara is trying to improve as they give an anonymous survey at the ticket booth, so I hope they will consider my opinion.
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  1. Thanks for the review! I've never heard of Safari Niagara. I totally agree with you about the animals being caged up. A couple of years ago we took our eldest son to the Toronto Zoo and I thought it was so unnatural. In their natural habitat a lot of these animals are hunters. Here they just lie around all day and have their food brought to them. They are not behaving as they were meant to be. Recently they got rid of their elephants b/c the living conditions were not considered satisfactory.

  2. This is one place we keep planning on going to. thanks for the reminder

  3. Wow looks like there is tonnes of stuff to do there! Hubby and I used to go to Niagara often before DS was born, we should really make a point to go back!

  4. Wow, this looks like so much fun! I'm not sure we'd drive that far *just* to go there, but I'm definitely keeping it in mind if we have cause to be out that way.

  5. Great pictures, I feel like I was actually there. LOVE the splash pads, my kids are still a bit afraid.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  6. I have seen some pretty amazing zoos that are more like wildlife sanctuaries and I like those- big wide open spaces for the animals where most of the animals have been rescued and can't survive in the wild. I prefer those. But my kids sure do love visiting the zoo.


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