April 22, 2012

Needlecraft and Embroidery card

If you are a person who loves crafts or want to learn a new skill look for this needlecraft book from DK publishing. It has all the information we will ever need to know about knitting, crocheting, quilting, embroidery, needlepoint, patchwork and appliqué.

Every section has detailed information about materials and tools, all the techniques from basic to advance and the designs/ patterns. I like the organization of this book. The colour coded for sections make it easy to follow.
The knitting chapter covers all types of knitting using a variety of different material and needles. The section explains how to follow a pattern, which will be very handy for beginners. It has very useful information such as correcting mistakes, the abbreviations, terminology and symbols we need to know. The book also has simple patterns to make a variety of flowers and leaves. It teaches the cable and twists knitting. The editors have included patterns for this as well. There are many lace knitting details and patterns. It has information on how to incorporate different colour wool while knitting.

There are details about knitting garments, how to finish up and stitching the seams in different methods. The section teaches how to put embellishments for finished work, adding beads while knitting and has different patterns for edging.

It shows how to use circular needles, double pointed needles and gives patterns to make medallions. There are few patterns to make toys. There is a lot of information on felted knitting. The needlecraft book also shows how to recycle yarn, use rags, plastic bags and string to knit.

The crochet section gives techniques, tips and information on all the creative things we can do with the crochet needles. It has detailed information on following crochet patterns, doing openwork crochet, using different colours, making garments, toys, adding embellishments, and a variety of edging patterns. It shows circular crocheting, how to make flat circles, medallions, flower patterns, using unusual yarn such as string, wire, rags and plastic.

The embroidery section teaches how to do beautiful patterns, different stitching designs, smocking, insertion stitches, beadwork, mirror work and many more wonderful techniques. It includes a variety of ways on how to transfer designs. It shows how to prepare the thread, starting and finishing. There is an inspiring gallery of stitches that influenced me to make this embroidery card. I did this card by making the flower and stem with chain stitch and the leaf with fish bone stitch.
I haven't done needlepoint before I saw this book. It is another wonderful craft that is taught well in this book. The detailed section and the stitch gallery have lots of pictures and information that is encouraging to learn this needlecraft.

The patchwork, appliqué and quilting are some crafts that I like and I am looking forward to learn more about these needlecrafts from this book. It shows the hand stitching and machine stitching methods very neatly by including many inspiring techniques and pictures.

The final section of the book has detailed information on finishing techniques for all the crafts such as hemming, binding, attaching fasteners, piping, putting button holes, loops, zippers, fringe, tassel, inserting trims and embellishments. It gives details on how to take care of the material and the finished needle craft.

The editors also give links to useful websites for more inspiration, places where we can get the equipment for different needlecrafts, associations, classes, shows and events so we can connect with other people who are interested in needle craft.

It is a very handy book for beginners and people who are advance in crafts. The organization and explanations are easy to follow because of the picture illustrations. One of the most important things that make this needlecraft book special is that it has lots of information and everything we need to know. This needlecraft book by DK publishing teaches all the techniques in the correct way and it would be a good book to own.

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  1. Very cool book. My grandmother used to do tons of embroidery. I have oodles of her stuff. Such a nice keepsake.

  2. Sounds like a great book - definitely need to work on my needlecraft!


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