April 23, 2012

Gloves Off eco-friendly cleaners

It is hard to find cleaning products that are safe around children that are not corrosive or have horrible fumes. I am glad I got a chance to test Gloves Off, which is an eco-friendly line of cleaning products from Planet People. The products are all natural blends of essential oil and ingredients derived from plants. There are no harsh toxic chemicals or fumes.

I liberally used the Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover in the washroom and kitchen. I didn't smell a thing, unlike when I use the other brands I have to cover my nose and ask the children to leave :)
I would not say that it does miracles because I tried it on surfaces where there has been rusts for a long period of time. Hard water staining is very hard to get rid of and I have tried a few regular traditional cleaners on this rust before that didn't work fast as well. I think with regular use of this product the rust will wear off. However using Gloves off is a better option than using chemicals with toxic and fumes.
Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover can be used in all types of surfaces and appliances. When I used it in the kitchen sink it did make a big difference as it was sparkling clean after I put a little bit of Gloves Off Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover and scrubbed it with a steel wool.

Tough stain remover removes all type of stains such as dried latex paint, pen, crayon, marker, make up, pet, food, grease, chewing gum, adhesive, soap, oven grim etc. This could be used in any type of surface including fabric, first test in a small spot. This product can be poured directly, let it penetrate on the surface, wipe and rinse if needed. When applying on fabric stain apply a small amount, blot with a wet cloth and wash separately in the laundry.
I used Tough stain remover to clean pen marks off a rug. I used it liberally, rubbed and washed it. This mark has been there for a while and I didn't know how to get rid of it and wanted something that wouldn't leave a patch like when we use bleach. So I tried this Tough stain remover and it did remove the marks. It also removed the stains in the microwave and cooker.

I usually take precautions and wipe everything especially during seasonal changes. I am glad this time I got to try the Gloves Off all purpose cleaner & disinfectant. Before I got to know Gloves Off, I use to dilute Dettol with water, or dilute vinegar or baking soda, which usually had an after smell.
Gloves Off All purpose cleaner & disinfectant is a registered disinfectant with Health Canada that kills 99.9% germs, so for me it is better to use this than diluting products. It is made form essential oils and plant extract, if you know the smell of ajwain seeds then it smelled exactly like that. It can be used anywhere as it kills bacteria, virus and eliminates odour removing germs without ammonia and bleach. It can be used as a cleaner, disinfect or and deodorizer by shaking it well, spraying and wiping. There is no need to rinse. If you are using in areas where food will have direct contact rinse the area afterwards.

Although it is safe, I would prefer to have gloves on or use many layers of cloth to clean the surfaces without having direct contact with the cleaning product because it maybe strong for our hands. The biggest bonus of Gloves Off is that it doesn't have fumes and is safe for the environment and us.

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