April 22, 2012

Jay at play toys

Jay at Play is a company that has cute innovative toys that children will like. Their new line best flower buds dolls and Stinky little trash monster are 9" to 15" high, plush figures. The flower bud doll pops in and out of the soft pliable rubber like pot, which is a lot of fun for the children to play with. I haven't seen a toy like this before, my children like this unique toy as well. I think this cute flower bud doll will look good on my desk too :) We can leave it as a doll or as a flower on a pot by putting the doll inside the pot.

Happy Nappers are another innovative toy from Jay at Play. It is a play pillow for children 3+. When we unzip the pillow, tuck it into the penguin and then zip it again the soft toy becomes a cuddly 21" plush toy that is soft and comfy. There are six different nappers to choose from a monkey in a hut, penguin in an igloo, dragon in a castle, dog in a doghouse, ladybug in a bungalow and unicorn in a palace. When we press the doorbell it makes sleepy snoring sounds. I would prefer if this feature of the doorbell were omitted because there is a small hard box that could be felt inside the toy. When the little one uses the pillow for a little nap, and if the button is accidentally pressed it would alarm them.
Other than this, I think Happy Nappers are a fabulous toy for traveling, playing and napping. My daughter recognized this toy from school and was telling me how to use it and play before I even had a chance to look :) My little one loves penguins next to many other things :) and finds it cool enough to take it everywhere.

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  1. Interesting! Thanks for sharing! Yes, good for work desk - may get one for myself! :)

  2. What fun to be a kid these days!

  3. Sarah (@SarahPeppel)May 2, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Great! Thank you for reviewing. Interesting point about the doorbell!

  4. i wish they still sold little miss muffin toys


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