Sunday, December 17, 2017

Walking with Confidence on Slippery Surfaces

mark's well worn slip resistant boots
I was able to see how safe and reliable it was to walk on the icy surfaces wearing slip-resistant boots that has Vibram Arctic Grip at the Mark's Well Worn ice runway pop-up event at CF Eaton Centre. Did you know 20,000 people in Ontario go to Emergency Rooms yearly due to slips related to ice and snow? This makes, it utmost important for us to pay more attention to the boots we wear. 
There are three main features to look for when shopping for winter boots. First, the level of warmth. Then the comfort level of the boots. Lastly, its performance on ice. Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI) studies winter boots and rates using a snowflake rating system based on slope degree they slip at. For example, one snowflake is given for the minimum standard where the boots can be used on a seven degree angle, usually on the curb of a sidewalk. 90% of 98 boots tested by TRI last year had failed to meet this minimum standard! 
mark's well worn slip resistant boots
Since 2010 Mark's and TRI have been working together to set measurable standard for slip resistant footwear. We can now purchase boots that have Vibram Arctic Grip slip-resistant at Mark's Well Worn stores across Canada. Vibram Arctic Grip is the most advanced weather gripping system specifically engineered and designed to performance on wet ice.  
mark's well worn slip resistant boots
I get nervous of falling on roads, sidewalks, and driveways when it is slippery because of ice, snow, and slush due to previous falls. I have been wearing Sperry Women's powder valley Arctic Grip boots on snow, slush, and ice. These boots have made me gain more confidence walking on slippery surfaces because of its slip-resistant grip. The quality and durability is very evident on these waterproof boots. The grip on these boots are for outdoor use and doesn't replace using crampons or spikes. 

I love the grip, the style, comfort, warmth, height of the boots, and ease of putting it on and taking it off. We can find different styles of these types of top rated boots for men and women at Mark's Well Worn, which is durable and reliable as it lets us walk with confidence on slippery surfaces. 

Disclosure: As with any boots we need to use common sense and tread with care on slippery surfaces. This post is in partnership with Mark's Well Worn. All rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2010 - 2017. Please Ask First


  1. I would love these for winter walking. Nice and toasty

  2. These look like awesome boots! It would be really nice not to slip and fall on the snow/ice.


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